Not Bad For A Monday

Song: “Acapulco 1922” by Kenny Ball

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Several

I didn’t sleep all that well last night so it took me a while to get going this morning. J wasn’t feeling well so she stayed home and slept until almost 1PM. She’s feeling a lot better now, though.

Having J around (even when she was snoring down the hall) was a nice treat, and once I got moving I got a fair amount of stuff done. Nothing too exciting, but progress nonetheless.

This afternoon J and I hung out and did our own stuff, too. We watched another episode of Diagnosis this evening – this one was a little different, as ten minutes in they knew the diagnosis but spent the balance of the episode trying to find someone else with the same disease. I like the show a lot (but I’m a sucker for medical mystery stuff) but boy did they pick cases that make me feel awful for the patients and their families. The one we watched yesterday in particular really got to me. Watching people trying to go about their days and find some normalcy… I wish I could make everyone better.

Oh, and in case you’re keeping track, our Diagnosis score is now 15-10 for yours truly.

I’ve mentioned a few times now that there are a lot of rabbits in the area, and a few of them vacation in our yard. I enjoy watching them stop by to eat some dandelions or take a nap – as long as they don’t build a bunny hut in our yard. They haven’t been around as much lately, but yesterday there was one who was really chilling out at the bottom of the deck steps (which is where they usually rest):

Comfy rabbitWe used to have guinea pigs and they would do the same kind of thing when they were relaxed – lean over to the side a bit and kick a leg out. It’s weird how long the rabbit’s legs are, I guess they’re not usually out like that. Aww maaaaan, now I want a jerboa…

Sounds like FA will be swinging by tomorrow around lunch to work on some printing stuff. As always, it will be good to see her again – even when we’re concentrating and trying to figure out some weird problem, it’s still interesting and fun.

Wednesday I have two appointments – a cardiac stress test in the morning and a Dr C session in the afternoon. Other than that, I plan to get some more electronics work done and spend some more time outside (it’s been beautiful lately). I’d also like to get out and do some more driving. We will see what happens.

Stay safe.

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