Nope, Not Rich

Song: “Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic

Mood: 7

More nightmares again last night, and very vivid, too. I realize this sounds kind of dumb but I wish I would at least have different nightmares once in a while, instead of the same three over and over again.

The interruptions meant it took me a while to get going this morning. At 8:30AM I went back to bed to see if I could get some more sleep but didn’t have any luck.

I spent a lot of time today thinking about who and what I want to be. I’m at a turning point in my life and I want to make sure I make the best of it. Anything related to computers is out. I can still use them, I just can’t be responsible for them in any capacity. Playing some Hawaiian music in the background helped me think.

At around 12:30, I threw some very freezer burned stew beef into a pot, cooked it for a few minutes, then dumped in a container of beef broth and simmered it for the next four hours, checking every ten minutes. It turned out pretty well, and J put in couscous, tomatoes, some other veggies, and some sauce mix and made it into a very tasty stew. Since the beef had been cooking for so long it just fell right apart and worked out very well.

After J got home from work, we headed off to the university to get our weird rock checked by a professor. We were hoping it was a meteorite but it’s apparently a sulphite rock that was pushed all the way down here from up north by glaciers. He said it also contains magnetite and that rock like it might be mined for copper. All in all it was an interesting trip and the professor was a very friendly fellow. But nope, we’re not suddenly going to be rich from a meteorite. Need to look harder, I suppose.

Other than that, I played some Borderlands today. What a great game. I finished Mass Effect: Andromeda a little while ago and it left me feeling a little let down. I’m sure I’ll play it again, just not right away.

Tomorrow J heads to her parents’ place after work so I’m going to be eating cans of beans over the sink for the next couple of days. Who knows – maybe I’ll spring for chicken fingers!

Stay safe.

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