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Nightmares: 3?

I slept pretty hard for the first part of last night – I don’t remember anything until after 2:47AM. From that point on, though, I didn’t sleep well at all. More nightmares (tent), a panic attack, waking up certain that I’d forgotten to lock the doors or make sure things were okay, and spending time sitting out in the light of the living room, made for kind of a crummy sleep.

My homework went okay. I only did one lap around the block and since the car is blocking the garage, I did my exposure in the car instead of the truck so I could back down the driveway like I’m supposed to. Using the car had a couple of advantages, namely that I didn’t have to open the garage door so I’m not worrying as much about that, that I didn’t have to remember to disconnect and reconnect the battery tender, and the sound system in the car is much better than the one in the truck. But… sitting out there still sucks and I wish I didn’t have to do it.

Spent a lot of time playing with the sewing machine. I’m experimenting with the stitch length and width settings, and I threw caution to the wind and tried out the 1-step buttonhole maker setting. Again, the manual wasn’t great so I found a good video on YouTube and set it up. Here’s my first result:

Sewn Button HoleSo yeah, not great – I think I need to play with the stitch width and length settings, and the material I’m using probably isn’t the best for this stuff. But… it did make something that looks like a buttonhole, and it’s the right size for the button I found! And, realistically, if it doesn’t do a good job, it’s not the end of the world. I don’t anticipate ever actually making buttonholes. Can never be sure though, right?

Played some STO today. I used the earbuds/ear defenders strategy and it worked ok, but a couple of sounds still got through and things in the corner of my eye going on outside kept distracting me (I open a couple of upstairs blinds during the day so I don’t look like a hermit). J suggested that I drag my computer down to the basement room I used on Halloween and leave the blind in that room closed. I think I’m going to try that tomorrow. If I could play for 15 minutes at a time, that would be long enough for me to do maps without having to quit midway through.

Had a good chat with my mom today, we talked about all kinds of stuff. My uncle who just had that surgery again is back at home and doing pretty well. He’s quite uncomfortable but says things are getting better. It’s good he’s out of the hospital and back home – it makes him happier, and he’s less likely to pick up some weird infection. We also talked about my sewing attempts and about our respective machines.

J had a good day today. She spent most of it working with people she usually only communicates with via email or video conference. Tomorrow she is starting in on some supervisory/management classes – things like what to do if one of your subordinates smells bad, team building, that sort of thing. We had another video chat this evening. Neither of us had anything particularly exciting to talk about, and both of us thought that was good. It was great to chat with her – only three more sleeps and she’s home!

It’s supposed to snow around here tonight and tomorrow, I think. I have an appointment with Dr H in the afternoon and I’m not looking forward to it. It shouldn’t take long, though, so I’m hoping to be getting home and back in my comfort zone in less than an hour after I leave. I have to remember to book a cab tomorrow morning.

Aside from my appointment, I’m going to practice more sewing. J bought me a giant spool of thread and there’s already a visible amount less on the spool. I also need to refill my bobble again, so I’ll be getting another opportunity to rethread the machine.

But now, I’m heading to bed. With the time change and getting up so early yesterday, I have no clue what time it is or when I should eat, and I’ve been too lazy to change the clocks unless I’m in a room with them so half the clocks in the house are wrong. Yet another good thing about smartphones, I guess.

Stay safe.

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