No Medication Changes Today

Song: N/A

Nightmares: 2

Ghosts: Lots

More nightmares last night (tent), and stuff was pretty slow going this morning.

My appointment with Dr W today was much longer than usual. He was pleased to hear about all of the stuff I’ve been doing (going to the hardware store and other places, hanging out with people, working my brain to come up with things and figure stuff out, etc) but wasn’t too pleased with the nightmares and other stuff going on. As things are more annoying and distracting now than causing real trouble, no medication changes at this point, but he wants me back in ASAP if things take a turn, and I’m 100% on board with that. He’s got some holidays coming up so I may need to change the date of my next appointment but I’m not sure yet.

J’s aunt drove me to and from the appointment. It was more difficult than it would’ve been with J driving (J’s aunt hasn’t dealt with me asking her every 30 seconds if the garage door is closed or the front door is locked or if the stove was on) but we had a good conversation and traffic was surprisingly light. She is a very pleasant person and is very relaxed about taking me to outpatient psych appointments. I was stumbling over my words and trying to put thoughts together but she was patient and didn’t interrupt or try to finish my sentences for me or anything. I really appreciate her help and her time – like I said, the conversation was good!

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr C. J has tomorrow and Friday off (which is wonderful) so I won’t have to take a cab. That should get me to her office a little less stressed out than usual.

On Friday FA is planning on coming over and we’re going to hammer out some details of the project she’s working on. I’m looking forward to seeing her again and it’ll be fun to do some brainstorming.

Stay safe.

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