Nightmares. Wonderful.

Song: “Rock And Roll Party Mix” by Jive Bunny And The Mastermixers

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 3+

So last night was a little rough. More nightmares, one panic attack, and not a lot of sleep. Still no variety – last night’s theme was dead people in life jackets mixed with a bit of dead people in a tent. Why can’t I have nightmares about things that used to scare me, like volcanoes or those big-eyed aliens like the one on the cover of Communion. So far in my life it’s the only book I had to tape paper over the cover before I could pick it up and read it. Hmm… I wonder if I still have it.

I couldn’t get back to sleep after J left for work, but I stayed in bed and thought for a while, mostly about what I could do to be useful for people.

Interesting coincidence… I just got some texts from DA telling me that he wants to set up some electronic perimeter monitoring at his cabin. While he’s there (particularly at night) he wants an audible alert that indicates a gate has been opened, and he wants them in a couple of spots. This is good, because it’s something I can do at home and hand it over to him when it’s finished. It’s been forever since I blew the dust off my electronics bench and I’m sure I’ve forgotten even more than the 90% of electronics knowledge I’ve already lost. So I guess I’ll be able to give DA a hand with that stuff again.

Anyway, I went out for my walk this morning without consulting the thermometer first. I got outside and it was BRISK out there. I shuffled around the block a little quicker than normal but I survived.

My exercises didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. There was still some residue left on my brain from the nightmares, and I couldn’t go for very long without my mind wandering back to them again. Still, I put in the time and it helped again.

Early lunch was banana yogurt and a cinnamon and raisin bagel. I’ve never had banana flavoured yogurt before; I was expecting some weird chemical taste but it was mild and pleasant. I do enjoy yogurt (and bagels too)!

I spent over three hours today working on the post that I put up earlier today. It went slow for two main reasons: I was frequently interrupted and had to chase ghosts around the house, and when I was in front of the keyboard I agonized over words, grammar, phrasing, all kinds of stuff. It would be nice if what I wrote was useful to someone, but I mainly write for me. What I don’t want to do is make someone upset when they read what I wrote.

Well, it’s after midnight again so I should probably stop here. This is not good and I need to get to bed earlier. Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr P. Once again, I’m not really looking forward to it but that’s all part of the process. I also now have a project for DA that I can start thinking about. Cool.

Hopefully last night was an outlier and I won’t have any more nightmares for a long time. Wish me luck!

Stay safe.

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