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I managed to get to sleep a little earlier than normal last night. Not much earlier, but enough that I was able to get up, do some tidying up, and be semi-coherent for when my parents arrived. For whatever reason I was really anxious again; without having much time to sit down and do grounding, I took some PRNs and turned the music way up.

My parents arrived right on time and once they got inside we sat down and had some lunch. Just simple sandwich stuff but I think it did the trick. After lunch, we sat down in the living room and talked until it was time for them to go to Dad’s appointment.

After they left, I tidied up from lunch, went out and watered the garden, and sat in the basement and did some breathing, muscle relaxation, and grounding exercises. Everything had gone well but I was still nervous – I still don’t know why, and I think my parents would feel hurt if they knew I was worrying about everything and nothing for no reason. It wasn’t anything they did or said or anything like that – it was 100% me, as usual.

The exercises helped somewhat, which was good because I got a text from Mom saying they were on their way back over an hour before I expected them to be. Turns out the appointment they came in for was unnecessary and the doctor here told them to go back home and talk to their doctor there. I am like my father in quite a few ways, and neither of us like someone wasting our time. My folks got back and poor Dad was pretty irritated, which I could completely understand. The good thing about this, though, was that we had more time to hang out and chat, which we did.

J got home from work early and brought along some stuff for supper. Dad and I played with FA’s Software Defined Radio and he found it very interesting when we were listening in on the aircraft and various other signals. He has a multi-band receiver at home that he’s going to bring along next time he’s here and we’re going to see what kind of stuff we can find.

J and Mom offered to do supper, so Dad and I went outside to set up the little garden automation stuff that had just finished printing that morning. We spray-painted the post white, hammered it into the ground, and then the plastic base part that I’d printed… didn’t fit. Turns out when I was hammering in the post, I flattened the end so it was too wide for the hole it was supposed to go into. I thought what the heck, this is made out of PETG so it’s strong, so I put it in place and hammered it down. Until it broke. So… there’s another one printing right now, and it has a bigger hole for where the post is supposed to go.

Supper was good (smokies and potato salad and regular salad, with ice cream and Nanaimo bars for dessert), and after that we moved back to the living room and talked for a while more before they decided to hit the road.

It was a short but great visit, and once again, I was nervous for nothing. Sitting in front of fans, mopping my brow with a paper towel… for nothing. It’s embarrassing and very frustrating, and I don’t know how to fix it. I will have to ask Dr C about that when I see her on Thursday.

I started printing a replacement part for the one I hammered until it broke, this time with more infill and thicker walls, and a larger spot for where the post goes. It should be done by the morning.

J and I watched an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; this new season has been decent. It’s missing some of the snappiness of the old seasons but I think it’ll pick up again. It’s still quite good.

I’m hoping to get to sleep earlier again this evening; my appointment tomorrow is at 10:30AM, which is well before I’m out of my morning fog. J will be driving me (THANK YOU!!!) and has offered to come into the appointment to be another brain and set of ears, which may not be a bad idea. As soon as I post this, I’m going to jot down some notes and timeline stuff for tomorrow which may help.

Aside from the appointment, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do. I guess some of it depends on what the doctor says, how badly I get violated/toss my dignity out the window, and how many other sets of tests I need to do. We’ll see.

Stay safe.

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