Need To Keep This Short

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Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

I just realized what time it is, and I REALLY need to get to bed. Today was pretty decent, though. BULLET POINTS!

  • I worked on the roost box stuff today, I think I’m ready to start a test print of some of the parts tomorrow.
  • I also did some more electronics stuff, I have a new Raspberry Pi 4 to replace the old Pi 1 that’s currently backing up our home storage, and I also fiddled with some more Arduino stuff.
  • Had the SDR playing airport traffic in the background, it’s pretty great.
  • I got invited to be one of the Grand Marshals in a fleet in Star Trek Online; I looked through the chat rooms and found a music player so I started playing music in it while I was working on other stuff. Turns out the rest of the Armada could hear it, and over the next 2.5 hours more and more people were sending me comments about how great the music was. It’s true what they say – you can’t go wrong with the Undertones.
  • J’s aunt picked me up today and took me to my Dr W appointment (THANK YOU!!!) and we had a really good chat in the car. I’m quite comfortable talking to her about all kinds of stuff – she’s a really nice lady and a good person and I enjoy our talks. We are going to set up another games and potato chip afternoon sometime soon!
  • My Dr W appointment went pretty well. Poor guy has a nasty head cold but he was pretty pleased to hear about me getting to my Dr C appointment and picking up groceries on my own. We talked about medications again and decided to try reducing the venlafaxine and prazosin a bit. I’m a little more nervous about the prazosin because I’m taking it to keep the nightmares away, but it would be really great if I can reduce things and still feel alright. I’m likely going to be taking stuff for the rest of my life and I’m okay with that, but I’d rather take just what I need. So yeah, another medication reduction step!
  • I’ve been really enjoying texting with my nephew and it seems like he’s enjoying it too. Some of that is probably because he doesn’t know all of my dumb jokes yet, but it’s wonderful to be able to keep in touch with him so easily. I hope his experience with his first cellphone is a positive one.
  • J and I have been watching The Umbrella Academy again, it’s pretty good but I think I’ve figured out where things are going…
  • FA is coming over on Friday and it will be a blast to hang out and tinker with stuff!
  • I have tomorrow “off” and I plan to at least get the roost box test print going and the NAS backup Pi ready.

Stay safe.

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