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Just a quick post tonight. Things are going well, these last two days have been good and I’m really enjoying how it feels!

My Dr C appointment yesterday went well. I still took a cab but while I was there I wasn’t constantly distracted by thoughts and worries so I was able to focus a lot more than normal. Dr C mentioned that I looked happier and more relaxed and that I was making a lot more eye contact than normal.

I’m still keeping myself quite busy and it’s really nice to be busy because I’ve been enjoying it, not because I’m forcing myself to. More designing, more printing, more electronics, more radio stuff, more writing… it’s all been good.

J has embarked on a project to reupholster the dining room chairs. We got the first one done last night and it looks and feels a lot better than the old padding and fabric did. I think she picked a great fabric and foam.

I spoke with my folks yesterday and today and they’re doing well. One of my uncles is in the hospital for some surgery but he’s in good spirits and should be back home soon. Dad asked if I could make him some new handles for his shed, he sent me some pictures and measurements and it looks like it’ll be no problem at all.

We got some more rain today. Not a huge amount but enough to water the garden. I’m amazed at how big and fluffy and green everything is!

I went outside today just before it rained and noticed that there were bird calls coming from all over the place. Aside from crows, I haven’t heard many birds up until now. I like the birds and the more that are fluttering around, the better.

The rest of the day today I left the SDR on, tuned to the local airport tower. I found it very interesting and pleasant – the airport here isn’t like Heathrow or O’Hare, so there are breaks between the conversations. The voices are also always very professional and calm… considering it’s traffic between the tower and aircraft, I should hope it is.

No appointments tomorrow but I have another project to hopefully spit out of the printer and some cleaning to do around the house. I’d also like to sit outside for a while and watch the tree branches and leaves sway while listening to the birds. Hopefully it’ll be cool with a low enough humidity that I can open the windows and let some fresh air in.

I know that life has ups and downs and at some point I’m going to have a crappy day/week/whatever, but I’ve been really enjoying how things are going this last little while. I sure as hell am not taking any of it for granted!

Stay safe.

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