Moving In The Right Direction?

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I don’t want to jinx anything but I think things are getting better. I managed to claw my way out of bed in time to get together and go record shopping with WG, which is an improvement over last week. I almost cancelled but managed to get myself together.

Once I got home from the store, I listened to some records while I had lunch. After that, I spent some time at my electronics bench and then tidied up the kitchen a bit.

My family is checking in on me daily to see how I’m doing and to encourage me to be active. I appreciate the gesture but I don’t know if everyone realizes how difficult it is to just get up and do things. Like I said, I think I’m feeling better but I still want to do nothing other than go back to bed or sit on the couch.

I don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow. I think I will try to go outside and finally shovel the driveway. We may be the only house left in the immediate area that hasn’t cleared their driveway yet. We also have a broken toilet sitting on the deck – I should do something about that, too. I also need to get the snowblower ready and clean up the garage so my welding stuff is out of the way and J can park in there again.

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed just by writing this stuff out. The thing is, I know it would all take only a couple of hours to deal with but it just feels like there’s so much stuff that it’s going to be impossible to get it all done. Even individual tasks seem daunting. Hopefully this will get better as the medication changes kick in.

Stay safe.

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