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Song: “Mother’s Little Helper” by The Rolling Stones

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 1

Ghosts: Lots

For whatever reason, I was very anxious last night when I started getting ready for bed, and it escalated to a panic attack shortly after I got into bed. I did my best to stay still but it felt like I was drowning and I needed to flail around so I went out into the light of the living room, put on some music, and did my best to stay quiet. Fortunately, it only took around 30 minutes before I had calmed down enough to go back.

Aside from one nightmare (life jackets) and worrying about the garage door being closed twice, I think I slept reasonably well. When I got up this morning I was worried that it was going to be another day like yesterday but by the time I was finished my breakfast I was feeling my usual 35% or so.

I spent a lot of time working on things today. J asked if I could make her another organizer part for her stuff in the bathroom so I did some measuring and started the print. I plan to put in the black PETG tomorrow and start in on some of the other things that are on my list. I also tidied up the kitchen some more (it never ends!) and tried to trace my steps back to where I was with the Raspberry Pi before it died the other day. I’ve got some more stuff figured out, so that’s good.

My mom called today and we had a long chat. She’s worried about her siblings – they all have health issues, none of which are minor. One of my uncles has finally got an infection under control so he’s now working with a prosthetic leg, another is suffering from the inexorable (and utterly unfair) progression of ALS, and all of them have diabetes, the severity of which spans from “quite” to “extremely”. She’s worried about Dad, she’s worried about me… I wish I knew what to say that would make her feel better. Mom and Dad are thinking of taking a trip to visit her family, and I really think they should do it – the sooner, the better.

The pharmacy that J and I moved our prescriptions to called today and apologized for not having everything ready for this afternoon. The poor guy was promising up and down it would all be ready tomorrow afternoon, and I kept telling him that it was fine – I had a few more days left so Friday was great. It is such a pleasant experience dealing with them than with our old pharmacy, who wouldn’t have bothered to call and let us know that things were delayed by a day, or even if they had or hadn’t followed up to renew prescriptions. I wish we’d moved over a long time ago!

I think FA is coming over tomorrow, which will be great. I have some stuff that I’m looking forward to showing her, and I expect we will make a lot of progress with her project. A refresher on some of the stuff she explained to me last week would be helpful, too. I’ve been really enjoying working on this project, it’s been very interesting and I think “exciting” would be another word I’d use. Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s been fun and brainstorming on projects with FA is always fun!

J and I watched another iZombie. I have decided that Major now belongs in the same category as Tom from The Blacklist – so annoying that I wish I could reach through the TV and punch him in the face. Ah, well… every show has to have one or two people you don’t like. Makes for variety.

Stay safe.

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