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I’m really foggy on what happened last night aside from two nightmares (lifejacket, tent) and some weird dreams. One of them got me out into the light of the living room again, which sucks. J has mentioned a couple of times that I’ve been restless in my sleep lately, too. The nightmares and poor sleep seem to happen for a few days or a week or so at a time, then go away. I haven’t made any changes to my nighttime medications, nor have I made any changes to my routine or diet, etc. It is not fun to be worried/scared about what’s going to happen when you’re sleeping.

I also had some pretty weird dreams (I don’t count dreams as nightmares unless they wake me up I feel like I’m going to panic). I don’t remember most of them, but one stands out – I was arguing with Willie Nelson over a Popular Science magazine in the checkout line of the K-Mart in the town where I grew up. Don’t ask – I don’t have a clue.

So I’m pretty beat. I didn’t accomplish much today, but I did drive to my Dr C appointment without incident, which felt pretty good. The appointment itself was very tiring and I could hear myself stammering, trying to find words that usually come pretty easily. We talked quite a bit about Halloween and how/why it bothers me, which was quite difficult. We are still working on me getting out of the house, as well as ghost chasing while I’m home, but we are now also working on my sleep. Apparently there is some new research about sleep that… I can’t remember right now, but I do remember it making good sense at the time. Something about how your brain regulates deep sleep vs REM sleep… argh. Anyway, I’m starting in on a sleep diary tonight and will do it for the next two weeks, then we’ll see what we can do.

After the appointment, I went to pick up the groceries J and I ordered last night; that also went without incident, and the person who brought out the order thanked me for the silly comments I put for some of the items in the online order form. Hopefully she was being serious. I should probably go check and see if the eggs are all broken or the condensed milk cans have been licked…

Speaking of ghosts, with the colder weather here, the house is making all kinds of different noises again, and they’re difficult to ignore unless my mind is really occupied with something or I’m muffling or drowning the sounds out somehow. I know what a lot of them are or can figure them out pretty easily, which is good, but they’re still quite a distraction, and another thing that’s worse when I’m tired.

I also got notice of two appointments for tests coming up in the next couple of months. It will be nice when everything’s done and figured out or fixed or whatever.

I forgot to mention yesterday (or Tuesday… or Monday) that FA came over on Monday for a visit and to geek out about some projects she’s working on. We had a good chat (as always), and (as always) the conversation snaked around and took all kinds of odd turns to different subjects. I often find myself amazed at how much ground we cover when I’m reflecting on the day later. Plus, we had delicious burritos for lunch and fit in a few games of Carcassonne!

Tomorrow I plan to volunteer at the church for a little while. Other than that, I think it’s going to be a quiet day. Then, on to the weekend.

Stay safe.

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