More Medication Changes

Song: “Gump” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 3

Once again, I didn’t sleep well last night. I’m getting tired of having the same nightmares over and over. Sometimes I wonder if it would be a good thing if I had different nightmares for a change.

My exercises went pretty well, except that I almost fell asleep once during the mindfulness part. I also overdid it on the burpees again but after a minute or so of feeling like I was going to throw up, I felt better.

I didn’t work on the quadcopter today but I spent some time reading about how they work and how the failsafes and arming work. I charged the battery last night so it’s ready to go when I play with it again, probably tomorrow.

The ERP work went pretty well today. I didn’t go out to the back of the house today because of my Dr W appointment.

I really didn’t want to go to my Dr W appointment today. J came home to pick me up and I was very tempted to see if I could call in and cancel the appointment. It’s good I went, though, because we tinkered with my medication a bit. We reduced the sertraline from 150 to 100mg and increased the prazosin from 7 to 9mg, with the hope being that the increased prazosin will reduce the number and severity of my nightmares. It made a big difference when I first started taking it – I was waking up in a panic eight or more times a night before I started taking it.

It was very good to get back home. Once I got in the door I immediately started to feel better.

I have an appointment with Dr P tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it but the therapy does help.

J brought up an interesting idea today – she suggested that since my current difficulties came on pretty quickly maybe they will go away suddenly, too. That would be great if that happened.

Stay safe.

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