More ERP Progress

Song: “Those Were the Days” by Julius Wechter and the Baja Marimba Band

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

I slept pretty well last night. No nightmares that I can remember, and only one weird dream where I think I was in prison and arguing with someone over a blue blanket. Haven’t had that one before.

My exercises went well today. Aside from jumping a couple of times when I heard noises, I was able to focus on the mindfulness and worry aspects and felt much better when I was done. My time on the treadmill and doing the burpees felt like they took forever, though.

I had more success with the garage door ERP today. All of my attempts worked out well and I don’t feel quite as strong about opening the curtain and checking outside every time I’m in the kitchen. It’s a bit of a relief – for a while there I was wondering if I was stuck. I have time to fit in a couple of tries tomorrow too, so hopefully they’ll work out.

I did my outside time in the garage again today. It was nice out and there was no wind so I can’t complain about that. There’s a lot of stuff to putter around with in the garage, too, but I think Dr P doesn’t want me to distract myself when I’m doing things that make me anxious. He wants me to feel the anxiety and face it head on. Distracting myself with other things makes the time go by a lot faster, but I understand that it’s probably not a good idea to hide from the anxiety if I can help it.

After I got back inside I spent a while listening to some records, including some really snazzy James Last albums. I enjoy just sitting back, closing my eyes, and letting the music wash over me. I’ll often listen to the same record a few times in a row so I can try to pick out individual instruments and hear how the contribute to the overall sound. I find it relaxing and a good grounding tool.

I worked on the quadcopter again today. That one motor wouldn’t cooperate so I spent time changing some of the settings and trying to get the status info to show up in the goggles. I thought I had it but I think I need to do a little more research, which is fine by me – this has been a very interesting project to work on!

After realizing that the laundry basket was buried under a pile of dirty laundry, I did a couple of loads today to try and ease the situation a bit. I don’t think I made much of a dent but at least there’s some clean stuff in the laundry room now.

I also spent some time doing a Wikipedia adventure. It’s amazing how far away from the original article you can get with just a few clicks.

I have an appointment with Dr P tomorrow afternoon. With the ERP and time I’ve been spending outside, I hope that it will be easier to be away from the house. We’ll see.

Stay safe.

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