Monday Got Here Quickly

Song: “Bricks” by Crimpshrine (mostly for the bass line)

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

This has been a pretty good weekend. To start it, FA came by on Friday afternoon. We talked over lunch (delicious, delicious burritos) and then played a bunch of games of Carcassonne while listening to music and swapping stories. I had a great time and really enjoyed hanging out with FA. As she was about to leave, we talked about having a pizza dinner along with DM and J sometime soon. I think that’s a great idea!

On Saturday, J went to a party celebrating her aunt’s retirement. I felt bad about not being able to go but I sent a text apologizing; fortunately, her aunt said it was okay. After the party, J came home and her parents (who were in town for the party) stopped by for a visit. It was very good to see them again – I hadn’t seen my father-in-law for quite some time and it was good to sit and talk for a while. They also brought leftovers from the party so I enjoyed some of the food too (can’t go wrong with butter chicken and rice!). My mother-in-law took my cleaned up and prepped Galaxy S4 and I think she’s going to get service for it sometime soon. I hope it works well for her – it’s still a great machine.

Last night, we watched Horrible Bosses. It was pretty good, although I wasn’t quite expecting the language throughout. I’m also not a big fan of Charlie Day when he turns all squeaky and weird. Still, I think that’s one that J and I will probably watch again sometime.

Today, J and I hung out, doing our own thing for a while. I worked a little more on the DVDs and sent WG an email. I also watched a couple of episodes of Community just for fun. After we had supper (more leftovers, mmm…) we went downstairs and watched several episodes of Boston Legal. Turns out I missed another one the other night after I’d taken my evening medications so there was a bit of confusion but we got it figured out. After we finished watching the show, we sat and talked for a while about everything and nothing. It was a good conversation.

I’m thinking about taking a different path for when I go out for my walks. Now that the snow and ice are gone, my original path is a possibility again, but there is no shortage of different routes that I can take. One possibility would take me to the little strip mall where I used to pick up groceries. That may be worth trying – if I can get comfortable with going to the grocery store, I might be able to give J a break from doing all the shopping. That would be good. There’s also a toy and game store in the same mini-mall as the grocery store, and that’s a place I’d like to go with FA sometime.

I still haven’t decided on a new target for the exposure exercise. I think the garage door might be too much right now, but I can’t think of what else to try. The toaster? Dishwasher? Toilet? Stick with the bathroom fan? I need to decide and start in on it tomorrow.

I also need to start picking something that I can’t keep from checking and write about what’s going on in my head. I think I am going to start with one a day – if I tried to do everything that’s going through my head I’d never finish.

With the nice spring weather out there, we’ve been able to open the windows and let the fresh air in for the last couple of days. It’s been nice, although today was very windy and there was a lot of dust in the air. Once we get a good rain or two, or the street sweepers finish their work, it should be a lot better.

I’m sad it’s Sunday evening. The weekend went by far too quickly.

Stay safe.

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