Miss One Day, And…

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So this morning when I went to take my medications, I discovered that I’d run out of one of them. I called the pharmacy and they were very helpful and had it ready in the afternoon and J picked it up after work (thank you!!!).

Unfortunately, the medication is the one that I started taking recently that, along with its therapeutic use, had the pleasant and unexpected side effect of eliminating that “lung-y” feeling I was getting in the afternoons and evenings. I had thought this morning that missing one dose wouldn’t be the end of the world, but… yeah. Good times.

It’s interesting how unpleasant something feels when you haven’t experienced it for a while and it shows back up.

Aside from that, I kept pretty busy again today. Dad liked the handle I printed up so I’ve got the second one printing now. My antenna cover design turned out to not work very well because the plastic makes for a slippery surface and the clamp can’t keep things straight. I know how to fix it but I haven’t changed the design yet – I plan to work on it tomorrow. I also spent a lot of time on electronics, listened to the SDR again, and spent some time chatting with Lloyd, who seems to be in a really good mood nowadays, too.

I ordered a little SDR kit for myself, along with a small Raspberry Pi display. My plan is to make a small, portable, battery-powered SDR receiver that I can use outside or take to the park or whatever. I haven’t had much luck running the current setup with one of those USB battery packs but I think I have a solution.

Oh, and the lawn company showed up again today and sprayed the lawn with whatever magic juice that’s in the big tank in the back of their trucks. I can’t believe how well the stuff has been working – I don’t think we have any weeds in the front lawn (haven’t checked the back but it could be weed-free too) and the grass hasn’t been this thick in… 12 years?

No plans for tomorrow other than the stuff I hope to do around the house. I tidied up the kitchen today and will try to keep on top of it.

Stay safe.

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