Might Be Perking Up A Bit

I couldn’t get out of bed today until just before noon. The good news is that once I was up for a bit, I started to feel a little less tired than I have lately. I feel bad for cancelling on FA but there was no way I was going to even hold a good conversation until around 2PM. Since then, I’ve been feeling alright. I still feel the pull of the bed but I feel like I have the reserves to fight it today which is pretty nice.

I accomplished very little today. I was going to go outside and work on the bike but I got two steps outside and abruptly turned around and went back in. It was around 33C out. That’s way too hot for me. I went out to the back yard, said a little prayer, and flicked the switch on our ancient air conditioner, then went inside again to test it. It worked – and we may be able to squeeze another year out of it!

One of our neighbours moved out today. It’s too bad. She was a really good neighbour, always friendly and would wave hello whenever she was out or driving by. Her dad also has a pretty nice motorcycle that he would visit along with a couple more riding friends. Good neighbours are a blessing. I wonder what the next owner or owners of the house will be like.

You know, now that I think about it, in some ways I must be getting better. The last time one of our neighbours were getting ready to move, J actually told me to sit down and she broke the news to me gently. Even so, I was still quite upset. This time, though… it’s been about five years since the last move and, while I still wish she weren’t moving, I’m okay with the whole thing. I should probably let Dr C and Dr W know about this.

I had a really good chat with my mom this evening. We talked about pretty much everything and had a good time. My folks are coming into town sometime soon for an appointment and, with luck, they’ll be able to stop in for a visit on their way home. We’ll see how things work out.

It’s very dark outside right now; the streetlights have all turned on. With how warm it was today I think we’re going to get a storm. If so, it’ll be the first one since the storm I sat through at DA’s cabin. I’m a little nervous but very interested in how I’ll react. J and I spent some time outside, sitting on the deck and blowing bubbles – a traditional pre-thunderstorm activity for us.

I just heard some thunder. Wish me luck.

Have a good weekend and stay safe!

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