Might Be Catching A Bug

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I didn’t feel too bad yesterday morning, but as they day went on, I could feel myself starting to feel bad – like I was catching a cold or something. By the time J got home, I was all shaky and had the sweats and I had to sit down. J asked if I’d taken my medication and I was pretty sure I had, but maybe I hadn’t. Maybe the medication changes Dr W and I made caught up with me. Maybe I was catching a cold or something.

Anyway, I took it easy but was dragging really badly so I went to bed around 9:30PM, then slept for almost 12 hours. I remember waking up once worrying about the back gate, and I woke up around 7AM to use the washroom, but otherwise I think I slept straight through.

I feel quite a bit better today but still not myself so I’m going to go to bed early again tonight and see if I can get more sleep. We’ll see what happens.

Otherwise, things are fine. Got a letter from the insurance company yesterday, which never makes me feel good, but J took a look and it wasn’t anything bad.

I tinkered around with some electronics and the SDR today, and played some good music pretty loud.

It feels like it wants to rain again, but it doesn’t feel like summer rain. Feels like fall is here. I know that it is officially here, but it feels like it now, too.

Made arrangements to try out a short volunteer session on Thursday afternoon. It’s right near the house so I won’t be far from home if anything happens, and it’s not any kind of life-or-death volunteering. I’m not scheduled to lay sandbags or take a turn working the winch to haul a baby deer out of a well. Just going to visit and talk, and I’ll be able to leave whenever I want.

I’ve been quite enjoying texting with my nephew. He’s been sending me silly pictures and really bad jokes, but it makes me feel quite good to be in touch with him.

Nothing planned for tomorrow but if it’s not nasty out I think I’m going to clear out the garden and see what our final tally of potatoes, onions, and carrots is. I kept up with the watering this year so hopefully it will have been worth it.

Stay safe.

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