Medication Time Change

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Today was a pretty good day. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fall asleep on the couch, and I only remember waking up up three or four times to worry about the garage door being closed – none of which got me out of bed.

When J’s alarm sounded this morning, I was comfy and warm and it was very dark. The alarm kept playing its cheery little tune as I wished J would wake up and turn it off. Finally, I got a little irritated and said, “will you pleeease turn that off”.

She didn’t reply. I thought she was ignoring me or still asleep so I reached over to prod her shoulder and… nothing. That was odd. Then, I realized it was dark because my head was under the blankets (CPAP machines are great for that because they pipe in a supply of fresh air). Then, I realized it was my alarm, not hers.

Whoops. Well, J wasn’t there to see or hear me being dumb so no harm, no foul.

So I was running a little behind and J’s aunt texted me to make sure that I was okay with her coming over to visit before my appointment. I said sure but asked if she could come over at 12:30 instead of noon, which she had no problem with.

With that extra half hour I got myself together and had the board games out and the snacks ready when she arrived. We started talking and didn’t even touch the games – just gossiped and geeked out about our various ailments and medications and complained about the news. It was fun and relaxing and I had a great time… before I knew it we were heading off to my appointment. When I got back in the car after my appointment, she immediately asked when my next one was and put it in her calendar. It’s so good of her to help J and me out like that. I hope she knows we really appreciate it!

Things with Dr W went pretty well today. We talked about my medications and I mentioned the “Zombie Mark” thing and how I appear to be snacking at night. He knew immediately what I was talking about and said that it was not uncommon with the combination of medications I’m on. We discussed me taking my medications later and he thought that was a great idea. So now, instead of taking them two hours before I plan to go to sleep, I’m going to try for 30 minutes… so pretty much just before I start getting ready for bed.

Dr W mentioned that I might notice a couple of things – namely, it taking a while longer for me to fall asleep, and that I will probably be groggy for longer after I wake up in the morning. Both make sense, and both are manageable, but it was good that Dr W gave me a heads-up about it because I can see myself winding myself up because I’m not able to fall asleep like usual.

So everything should be fine as far as the medication is concerned, but Dr W reminded me that if I have any problems I can call him and/or switch back and we’ll work on it again at our next visist.

This evening things were pretty quiet. J and I hung out and kind of did our own things and chatted a bit here and there. The time got away on both of us again, though, so we didn’t get a chance to watch a show this evening.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr C and I plan to drive the truck. The last couple of times have worked pretty well so I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the same. The more times it goes well, the more likely the next time after will go well, too. But… it’s okay if it doesn’t work out, that’s alright and all part of the process. I also have to get more bloodwork done so if I manage to remember the paperwork and the driving goes well, I’m going to stop and get that done on the way home.

J is getting together tomorrow evening with DM, so I’ll be King of the House for a good part of the evening. Not sure what I’ll do, but it’ll probably be something epic, like reloading the dishwasher or half-dozing in front of the TV. Who knows?

Stay safe.

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