Making Progress With ERP

Song: “Home For A Rest” by Spirit of the West

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 1

Today went pretty well. I slept well last night and found it easy to do my exercises.

I worked on the ERP with the garage door again today. Of five attempts, I was successful in keeping myself from checking for more than 100 minutes four times. I only checked on the first try. I put my results from the last few days into a graph and the good news is that my anxiety from the garage door is definitely decreasing. I’m going to work on it again tomorrow – who knows, maybe I’ll be successful at all of my attempts.

I have an appointment with Dr W tomorrow, which I am not looking forward to. The thought of leaving the house bothers me a lot. J will be driving me (as usual), and she always makes things easier, but I still really don’t want to go. I feel the same about my Dr P appointment on Thursday. I don’t know if I should take a PRN before leaving the house or if it’s better if I don’t. I don’t like taking them, but my appointments last week were pretty rough.

A letter from my disability insurance company arrived today. I felt ill – the first thing I thought of was that it was a letter informing me that my coverage was being cancelled. I put the letter aside and thought I’d let J open it, like I did with the last one. After about an hour I finally decided to open it up. Fortunately, it was just an update about rates and had nothing to do with losing coverage.

Stay safe.

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