Lots Of Weird Noises Today

Song: “Red River Rock” by The Silicon Teens

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2?

Ghosts: Horde

Not a great sleep again last night so it took me a while to get going today. More nightmares (tent and life jackets), and I woke up at least four times worrying about the garage door and whether the car was locked (it’s out in the driveway). No panic attacks, though – I didn’t even have to get out of bed.

Lots of ghost chasing today, so I didn’t get very much accomplished. The house was making all sorts of noises, I think someone around here got a new dog, and I could’ve sworn that I heard people around the back of the house. But, as usual, there was nothing wrong and nobody there. This evening while J and I were sitting in the living room, I heard a weird, repeating sound. J heard it too, and she thought it was coming from the basement. I went downstairs and waited to hear the sound again, and then I followed it and found out that it was… the #$@& water heater. It didn’t seem to be leaking or too hot or over pressure, it was just creaking once in a while while the burner was running.

I sat there and waited for it to finish its cycle (I had conveniently placed a chair in the area earlier in the day) and then gave it a bit of time after it was done to look and listen. Everything was fine, as usual. I did notice, though, that the eight year warranty expired back in December. Perhaps it’s making sounds now because it’s nearing the end of its service life. Who knows.

Despite the ghosts, I did get some stuff done today. I printed up another two of those jet tub parts; unfortunately, one of them has a pretty ugly flaw in it so I might reprint it. I also had more success with my programming adventures, and I fit another episode of Star Trek in there somewhere.

J and I watched two more episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine this evening. Sometimes it’s a little unsteady but when it’s good, it’s great. One of the episodes this evening had the lead cop chasing someone and they were running on top of cars stuck in a traffic jam. I won’t say what happened but suffice it to say, the sound he made just before the opening credits rolled had J and I laughing our butts off.

I have a few things that I need to get done tomorrow, and quite a few things that I want to get done tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll sleep a little better tonight and run into fewer ghosts tomorrow – that would help a lot.

Stay safe.

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