Lots Of Visiting!

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I’ve been quite busy the last few days and have done a lot of visiting, too!

On Friday afternoon I went to volunteer for a bit at the church down the street. That went well and I had a good time and chatted with a couple of people while I was there.

Saturday and Sunday my mother-in-law was in town and came over. It was great to see her again and I really enjoyed hanging out with her and catching up on the latest gossip and stories. On Sunday, she, J, and I all worked on making some curtains which was also fun and very interesting, and I learned a lot about some new materials I’d never heard of before and how to properly measure and pin stuff. I was sad when she left (how many people say that about their mother-in-law?) but her visit was fun AND educational!

Today, FA came over and brought burritos and we had yet another great talk about all kinds of things, and did some big thinking about various ideas and projects. The last time I geeked out with someone about MOSFETs and constant-current drivers was around… well… never, actually. It was good fun and I was sad when she left, too.

I’ve been playing a lot with the printer lately. I went to change it back to a smaller nozzle and I stripped the wrench while trying to stop hot plastic from drooling everywhere. No, that’s not a typo – a soft brass nozzle dug out a nice circle in the wrench that came with the printer. Granted, it’s a really cheap stamped metal thing, but now I need to get another one. Fortunately, the wrench’s last heroic act was to tighten the nozzle juuuust enough.

This week I have appointments with Dr W and Dr C. I need to remember to ask Dr W if I can take my medications (or at least my zopiclone) closer to when I’m going to bed. I don’t think he’ll have a problem with it, but I want to make sure. If he gives it the okay then fingers crossed that it doesn’t cause me any problems with my sleep but fixes the “Zombie Mark” (as J calls it) problem.

J’s aunt is going to drive me to Dr W’s office again, which is so very nice of her. I invited her over and we’re going to play cards and eat snacks for a few hours until it’s time to leave for my appointment. I’m looking forward to it!

Stay safe.

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