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I’m very “body tired” again today. My next appointment with Dr H is coming up soon but I almost wonder if I should see if I can get in earlier. I didn’t sleep all that well last night, either; that probably has a lot to do with it. I could really use another one of those awesome sleeps I had a couple of weekends ago.

I was out for my walk today and it was beautiful out again. The streets around the neighbourhood aren’t in the greatest shape, and I got distracted by some birds and was watching them when I tripped on a chunk of pavement. I didn’t fall, but I did that cartoon stumble-with-arms-waving for a good dozen steps. You know, the kind where in the cartoon they’d be playing the weird drums? That. I even kicked off one of my crocs and had to go back to get it. Fortunately, there weren’t any cars or other people, but if someone in one of the houses caught it I think I’m going to end up on YouTube or something.

Since it was so nice out, I spent some more time outside, poking at the garden a bit, and I can now say with at least 38% certainty that there is an onion growing out there. Just the one, and it’s a tiny little nub… but it’s there. On the downside, I couldn’t find those carrots that I saw yesterday. They probably just got shy or something. The anti-lagomorph barrier seems to be intact, and besides, why try to fight through an impenetrable metal barrier when there’s grass and dandelions all over the place already?

It looks like one of the sunflowers is coming up, too. I need to put a stick in the ground by it so it doesn’t accidentally get mowed.

Lots of success with the printer today. We switched to a different kind of bathroom tissue and the new rolls don’t fit in the holders we have, so I fiddled around with an older design of mine and made a new holder that looks like it’ll do the trick. The top part was a little loose so I reprinted one of the pieces, but then it was too tight and I had to pry it off. A bit of sanding fixed it, though, so it works quite well now if I do say so myself. I also had more luck with the garden hose nozzle attachment – both the part that the hose screws into and the 7mm nozzle that threads onto it fit together perfectly. Unfortunately, they’re not making the kind of water stream I’m looking for. I did a bit of digging and discovered that I need a nozzle that will create a laminar flow. There are a couple of sets of plans out there but they all seem to involve filling a tube up with drinking straws. I’m going to try to design one to print but I expect there will be a lot of trial and error involved. Thank goodness PLA is cheap and composts. Which reminds me, I need to order some more filament…

Believe it or not, I went back outside AGAIN today. This time it was to play some more with that transceiver of FA’s. She sent me a link to some more frequencies in the area, and even just sitting out on the deck made a big difference to how many channels I could pick up. Some were dead air and some were Morse code, but a few of them had people chatting about this and that. It’s pretty interesting and I have some ideas for more stuff I’d like to try with it.

I finished watching Alien: Covenant. It was… not not too shabby. Certainly more gruesome than the last few entries in the franchise have been. I was a little bummed out with some of the things that happened between this movie and Prometheus, but aside from one or two notable occasions, I didn’t want to lean through the screen, grab characters by the shoulders, and shake them, yelling, “HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY THINK THAT IS A GOOD IDEA???” at them. Now that I think about it, though, for a colony ship they sure had a lot of guns… and everybody who held one couldn’t shoot worth beans. Someone who could actually aim at something and had maybe eight bullets would’ve saved the day. The movie would’ve been 15 minutes long then, but still…

More progress today with electronics, too, but I’m starting to get a little unfocussed and I have a few too many things going on at the same time. I find it a very strange feeling to be interested in so much stuff at the same time. I’m afraid to change anything in case I wreck something and end up spending my days on the couch again, so maybe working on a bunch of things at once is a good thing.

No appointments tomorrow, and FA forwarded an email saying they’re doing some fancy stuff at the hardware store we usually go to. It would be interesting to check it out. We’ll see what happens tomorrow morning!

Stay safe.

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