Lots Of Cleaning Today

Song: “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2

I didn’t sleep well last night – woke up quite a few times. Most of them (six or seven?) were the usual wake up and worry kind of thing that I could check the pictures on my phone and feel a little better about but two were particularly nasty nightmares (tent). I was able to keep from getting up or falling into a panic but nightmares are a crappy way to wake up in the middle of the night.

As a result, I was moving pretty slowly this morning and wasn’t firing on all cylinders until lunch. Hmm… going with that analogy, I wonder what kind of motor I’d be. Something like an old Ford 170 straight-six that smokes pretty bad, desperately needs carb work, and a mouse nest removed from the airbox.

Fortunately, sending out my texts doesn’t require me to be particularly smart – I can type them out pretty slowly and I go back over them several times before I hit send. The odd mistake makes its way through but for the most part it works out okay.

Today was my day to clean, though. I spent from around 10:30AM to just before 5PM cleaning, reorganizing, and throwing out old stuff in Lloyd’s room. I also moved him across the room to another table so my beefy old computer desk (it’s so old, the first computer that it held was a Commodore 128D) would be freed up for the sewing machine. Having all the sewing stuff out in the dining room hasn’t been too big of a problem so far but I’ve made quite the mess with all the fuzz and clippings and patterns.

With the sewing stuff all ready to go, I intend to start in on stuff tomorrow. I plan to make a couple of beanbags and then move onto towels. I’m a little nervous about sewing on fabric that’s not rags but I need to start doing it sometime and straight lines on a towel should be a decent place to start. Plus, it’s not the end of the world if I mess up the towel part and end up making eight or ten facecloths instead.

But after all that cleaning I was pooped. Lots of running upstairs and downstairs to sort things out. Oh, and I used a hot glue gun for what I think was the first time today. Glued a magnet to a pen so it could stick to the fridge.

Oh, and I was listening to the radio today while I was working and they played a song called “Farewell to Nova Scotia”, which is apparently a folk song from Canada’s Maritime region. This particular version was sung by Catherine McKinnon, and I don’t know if it’s the way it was recorded or her voice, but I found her singing gave me goosebumps. It was almost… haunting? Is that the right word? Something like that. If you haven’t heard the song, it’s on YouTube, but make sure you listen to the McKinnon version.

I didn’t go out and do my homework today. I feel guilty about that, but I accomplished a lot around the house so at least I have an excuse, as weak as it is.

One of J’s aunts and I were texting today and it sounds like she listens to a lot of classical music but might be interested in expanding her musical tastes. I think that when I text her I will send a suggestion or two of something from another style of music with links to the songs. Other people showing me what they liked was how I found out about all kinds of music, maybe that will work with her. I think I will stay away from the Moog Cookbook and probably some of the punk and metal stuff, at least for the first while.

J and I finished off Parks and Recreation today. Usually I have a hard time with shows that I enjoy coming to an end, but the way the seventh season was done (especially the last few episodes) kind of decoupled the characters from the show for me, and the last episode did a very good job of wrapping things up. I’m a little sad, but don’t feel like my soul’s been torn like it did after Community or Scrubs or House or Knight Rider. I think J and I both think we need to go back through and watch it again to see how much more we can catch. But yes, it’s a great show and if you’ve ever wondered whether you should give it a try, I suggest you do.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr W in the afternoon. J will be driving me (bless you!!!), but I’m not looking forward to going. I hope it will be a quick appointment so we’re back home fast. I will bring a beanbag along with me and ask him if they’d be ok to donate a bunch of them to the ward. Part of me worries they’d become weapons, but I’ve seen food and books and furniture thrown around, so I don’t think a little beanbag should be much problem. But who knows. I would very much like it if he says they’re an ok idea; I would be happy to make them a batch periodically.

[Just woke up at my computer, looks like I’ve been asleep for over half an hour.]

So… I’m going to make something tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Stay safe.

4 Thoughts on “Lots Of Cleaning Today

  1. Hooray for projects!
    As for messing up the towels, in the unlikely event you make a mistake you can just rip them out and try again. (Do you have a stitch ripper?) Or just cut off the end and try again.

    • Thank you for the advice! I did make a bit of a mistake and trying to remove white thread from white towelling was… problematic. I ended up cutting it off and making a slightly skinnier towel.

    • I’ve watched a couple of ASMR videos on YouTube. Most don’t work for me, but I have found a few that do. When I was young and going to church, there was one point in the mass where the priest poured water into a bowl. The way the microphone picked up that sound and how it was played over the speakers would give me the crawlies every Sunday until they got a new microphone that changed things enough so that it didn’t work for me anymore.

      I never heard of frisson before, but based on the article you linked to, that’s definitely what happened when I listened to Catherine McKinnon’s singing. Lots of songs give me shivers – some versions of the Naval Hymn, Masquerade from “Phantom of the Opera”, The Time Warp from “Rocky Horror”… lots of stuff. Thanks for the link, I had no idea what that was!

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