Long Weekends Sure Go By Fast

Song: “Combine Harvester” by The Wurzels

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2

I had a couple of nightmares last night but fortunately when they woke me up I was easily able to figure out where I was and that things were okay. I think I woke J up because I was talking in my sleep while I was having the nightmares. Fortunately, other than that, I only woke up worrying a couple of other times, so I think I may have had a better sleep last night than I have for a while.

I still feel pretty tired, though.

To my surprise and delight, my exercises went pretty well today. Not perfectly, mind you, but well enough that I got through them without giving up and I could feel the familiar difference that doing the exercises makes. Before I started doing my exercises, I did a couple of things to stack the deck in my favour. Before I sat down, I did some stretches. Then, I sat down and worked along with a breathing exercise recording. Next was turning on a recording of waves at a beach. Normally, I try to have as little sound as possible around when I’m doing my exercises, but I figured that the wave and water sounds are mostly white noise so they should be pretty easy to ignore, while helping to drown out the other sounds that would normally break my concentration and cause problems. I will be trying that whole setup again tomorrow. Maybe there are other things I can do to improve it further.

After I was done my exercises, I stayed sitting and listened to some music for a while. FA introduced me to The Wurzels and their song “Combine Harvester” and I’ve either been listening to it or singing it inside my head or very, very quietly. Normally I don’t like having a song stuck in my head but it’s a happy song that makes me smile. Thanks, FA!

Oh, I almost forgot – I got my stitches out yesterday. Things went well and I had a very friendly and competent nurse who was very chatty throughout the procedure. I took two PRNs before J and I left the house so I wasn’t quite as anxious as usual, and I brought along that fidget ring and used it heavily again. Things look pretty good:

Stitches RemovedThe one on my face looks really good, too. Dr H did the incision and stitching along a normal skin crease so it is already fitting in perfectly. I am pleased.

J and I watched a couple of movies this weekend – Beetlejuice on Saturday night and Spider-Man: Homecoming last night. Even though the effects don’t hold up very well, Beetlejuice is a classic. Great movie. Spider-Man: Homecoming was fantastic. I always considered Tobey Maguire to be “the” Spider-Man, but now that I’ve seen this new movie, I now consider Tom Holland to be the one who fits the role perfectly. Great acting, good villain (hey – two Michael Keaton movies this weekend!), good effects, wonderful supporting characters, and a good story. If I had to nitpick at anything, it would be that Spider-Man spent an AWFUL lot of time screaming or hollering throughout the movie.

J had today off so we hung out and had a pretty lazy day. I listened to a lot of music and sat in places where I couldn’t see out the window so I couldn’t hear nor see when things went by outside. I think it helped.

My mom called today with an update on my uncle. Unfortunately, his leg (the one they’ve already done the surgeries on) is infected so they’re draining it and pumping him full of antibiotics. Apparently the problem keeps coming back because the blood vessels in his legs are damaged from having diabetes for quite some time. He is in good spirits, so that’s a definite positive. I hope he’s fixed up quickly so he can go back home and enjoy fresh air!

I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring. I have a couple of ideas for other posts so I might see if I can get something figured out. I’m also going to see if I can stand in the parking lot at the nearby mini mall without freaking out too badly. It’s supposed to get hot this week so I’d better do that in the morning.

Stay safe.

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