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I’m pooped again today. I didn’t sleep all that great last night, but I have more of that “body tired” feeling than anything. At least, I think that’s how I feel. Who knows…

It was very nice out today. So nice, in fact, that when I got to my Dr C appointment a little early, I sat down at one of the picnic tables outside, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the feel of the sun and breeze on my skin for a few minutes before going in.

Along with the grounding I’d done outside, I’d taken some PRNs before this session. Whether it’s all in my head or because stuff took effect (I don’t care which, I’m just happy with the results), I was able to concentrate quite well and carry on a decent conversation. Dr C was quite interested in all of the stuff I’ve been doing and encouraged me very strongly to keep things going. We worked on the memory confidence stuff and she noted that I’m using more… uh… well, crap – I can’t remember the word, but it’s a psychology term that means words that hint at… gaaaah. I guess I didn’t pay as good attention as I did. Anyway, it’s because I’m saying things like, “stuff that happened 30 years ago has no impact whatsoever on whether the garage door is closed,” instead of, “it’s going to happen because I’ve seen this before”. I’m not doing a good job of writing this out but hopefully you get the point. That I’m aware and am using rational arguments to argue with my anxiety and OCD is a good thing.

Another thing that came out of the appointment today was that Dr C is taking a couple of holidays over the summer so my appointments will be a little spotty for a while. She suggested that we could even start moving to appointments every second week instead of every week. The more I think about that, the more uneasy I feel – part of me worries that I’m on the way to being “fired”, that her schedule is getting too full and she has higher-priority patients, that the insurance company will see that and go “AH-HA!!!”, that I’d rather not cut back on sessions while my medications are being adjusted… all kinds of things. It’s got me a little bothered.

Aside from my appointment today, I spent a lot of time tinkering with electronics and puttering around. FA let me borrow a little VHF/UHF FM transceiver and I played around with it to see if I could figure out how it worked. I found a manual online, pressed some buttons, and… static. Literally, static. From the movies and stuff, I figured that just wandering through the frequencies would provide tons of interesting things – lots of conversations, Morse code, people talking in a bunch of different languages, but there was nothing. I looked up some of the local amateur radio clubs and found the frequency for a Senior’s amateur radio club in town. I dialled it in and, while I was making supper, I listened to some folks discussing an event they were having this evening. One guy needed to go get something to eat, another one was waiting for his son to bring over the truck, another was looking to borrow equipment, another had said equipment and would make sure it got to the event this evening. It was very much like a phone conversation. Just with more static and call letters. Still, pretty neat stuff and if the weather is nice tomorrow I may wander outside with it to see if I can pick up more channels.

J just finished the second-last course in a program she’s been taking for quite a while now. I think she’ll be glad when it’s all done, and I will be too. I’m proud of her that she’s kept on with it even though some of the courses have been pretty painful and/or silly. A nice thing is that the course she just finished is the last one she had to do in a classroom – the one she’s taking now is all by distance.

Since J had class and got home later this evening, we spent more of the evening chatting and hanging out, but no TV tonight. Tomorrow we’ll have time to fit in another Blue Planet or something!

No appointments tomorrow but I have a lot of stuff planned. I need to water the garden (assuming it’s not all dead – they say we may get frost tonight. Frost!) and I want to play around with those garden hose nozzles again. The 7mm one finished printing this morning but I didn’t get around to seeing how well it works. I’m hoping that it fits the bill because I have plans… big plans!

Well, not exactly “plans” per se… more like a nebulous cluster of partially thought through ideas that may or may not work when I try to staple them together. We shall see.

Stay safe.

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