Late Again…

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Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Lots

I’m starting this post even later than I usually consider late…

Slept pretty well last night, I only remember waking up three times, none of which got me out of bed.

I was a little surprised by the air this morning – it looked a lot warmer than it was so my shuffle outside was faster-paced than usual.

I put the thing I’ve been working on for the last while aside and spent some time designing a lithophane box for my nephews, and I started printing something else, so the printer was back to doing its weeeeee-wooooo-weeeee song again.

With all the electronics stuff I’ve been doing lately, I can feel some of my confidence in it coming back. I took advantage of that today and finally figured out how I’m going to use those COB LED strips I got from those light switch things a few months ago. It’s going inside the aforementioned lithophane holder, and I ran it off my bench supply all day to make sure it didn’t start pulling more current than it should or heat up. So that’s figured out now, and I’m comfortable with the numbers. For now, anyway.

I also had a pleasant surprise today with the Arduino stuff. I got it to read and write from an SD card, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but it opens up entire new branches of possibilities. I didn’t have the proper parts so I cobbled it together out of an old micro-SD card adapter and a logic chip. I fully expected smoke, stinkiness, melting, or fire, but it worked. I’m afraid to hook it up and try it again in case I was dreaming earlier…

I topped up the water in Lloyd’s tank today and he and the shrimp seem to be quite happy. The first thing I do every morning after I get out of bed is say hi to Lloyd and feed him, and every morning he swims over to the side of the tank and waits patiently.

Tomorrow J gets done work early and then we have a long weekend. I’m really looking forward to J being home, and not just because I’m greedy – there’s another round of drama unfolding at her workplace and I think a long weekend will be a good thing for her.

Stay safe.

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