Kind Of A Whirlwind Summer

Well, it’s September the 2nd and I have no idea where the summer went. I’ve been keeping busy and there have been some ups and downs over the last while.

One of the big things I’ve started doing is working with a trainer. Since I’ve got a few things left over from surgeries and stuff that I need to be careful (and since I appear to have been built out of used and/or cheap parts), I didn’t really know how to get moving and exercising again. I was pretty sure that if I’d just picked up weights and went for runs like I did in my 20s, I’d probably end up back at the doctor, needing to get yet another part fixed.

It’s only been a week but the trainer has worked out even better than I’d hoped. Completely different from the guys I used to work with who said they were trainers – I haven’t been asked to buy supplements or fancy weights, which is great. I still don’t enjoy the idea of exercising and sweating just to exercise and sweat, but my trainer is very good and I have found the exercise she has me doing to be doable and actually kind of rewarding. I think parts of me (particularly in my back) that haven’t moved in years are actually creaking around a bit again. So that makes it easier to motivate myself to spend the time doing it.

The other big news is that J and I have decided to look at getting a dog. We’ve been talking about it for years but we weren’t in a good place to do it. Now that J and I are home most of the time, we have the resources, and I’m at a point where I can drive myself to most of my appointments, we want to go for it. We’ve found a couple that look nice but there’s one that we went to meet last weekend and he just felt like a perfect fit. Relaxed, likes people and treats, and somehow managed to lean against J and me at the same time. He really took a liking to J, and she really took a liking to him too. So we’ve sent our forms in and now it’s just a matter of time to find out what’s going to happen. So we’ve been working on dog-proofing parts of our house a lot lately.

I’m still doing the appointments with Dr C and Dr W. Dr C wants me to go to her office for her appointment next week. That’ll be the first time in around two years I’ve been there. I don’t really want to go – I really prefer the video chats – but she wants to make sure that I don’t turn inward and stop going out, which makes good sense.

As for Dr W, I was having a lot more nightmares again for a while so we increased my prazosin a bit. That helped a lot (and helped J because I’m talking and moving around in my sleep less now), so we’ve reduced my venlafaxine a tiny bit again.

Otherwise, things have mostly been going pretty well. Like I said, ups and downs, but that’s kind of how life goes I guess.

Anyway, I should end this here – the trainer will be over in a bit and I need to do some tidying before she gets here.

Stay safe.

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