Keeping Myself Pretty Busy

Song: “Sleeping Single In A Double Bed” by Barbara Mandrell (I like the bass line)

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday – I was too tired to put anything together so I just went to bed. I had planned to post about yesterday this morning but while I sat in front of my computer and tried, I just couldn’t scrape more than a couple of words together. Suffice it to say that Monday was a decent day other than the irritation from what felt like near-constant garbage calls from spoofed scam phone numbers. Fortunately (I guess), I still have trouble answering the phone, and if it’s some fake or otherwise suspicious number, I won’t answer it (even if I wanted to).

I was pretty active today. It was pleasant out again this morning (about 4C, blue sky, and no wind) so my walk and time in the truck weren’t unpleasant because of the weather. Since I’ve still got the tender hooked up to the battery, I don’t have any concerns about playing my music over the OEM truck speakers. While they’re pretty crummy as far as car speakers go, they sound like I’m at an opera house with perfect acoustics when compared to my phone’s internal speaker. Getting through my time in the truck is much easier with good music cranked up. Dr C is the one who suggested I listen to music, but I don’t know exactly how far I can go with volume and types of music and still be doing it in a healthy way. I will ask her at my appointment tomorrow.

My exercises today went better than they have for quite a while. I’m still dragging pretty bad so I lost focus quite a few times but overall it went pretty well.

I spent some time today doing some more writing. Oh, and I heard back from The Mighty – they rejected my post. That’s okay, I don’t mind at all. Their site is enormous already so I imagine they have to be pretty picky about what they post.

I spent more time at my electronics bench, too. There’s a project idea somewhere in my head that’s dying to get out. I can feel it bouncing around in there. I just need to somehow rattle things the right way so it comes out.

Gave more thought to our broken recliner controller. The good news is the cable and mechanism still works well, but the lever that pulls the cable and the piece of plastic that holds the cable sheath in place are broken. I thought about using epoxy but the plastic is old and very brittle so I don’t think that’ll work. My next idea is to replace the whole assembly with one made out of steel. I have the materials but the thing is pretty small and I haven’t done much “small” work when welding. Still, the steel might be the best idea if I want it to be sturdy and not break again. Yes, the recliner is old (20+years!) but the company doesn’t make ones like this anymore and I’ve sat on this one for so many years that it’s so very, very comfortable.

Sat in front of my microscope today and looked at some goop I found. Pretty disgusting stuff. Lots of bacteria.

Listened to a bunch of records today, too. Haven’t done that in a while. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating – there’s just something about listening to music on vinyl. The things that would normally detract from a recording (like the hiss and pop) add something to it, somehow. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard a LOT of music on vinyl since I was born (and possibly before then). Pretty much grew up with music, and the sounds coming over the speakers of the giant wood console record player (it was actual, real, chopped down wood. I know this because it weighed a ton and because when I was teething, I gnawed on it a lot and the surface was definitely not veneer) were always present when my family would hang out in the living room on Sunday evenings after supper and enjoy the music.

Alright, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to cut this short as my typing rate has slowed to a crawl and I’m being swamped by waves of exhaustion. I really need to get to bed before I feel ill. The rest of my day was not too bad, I have a Dr C appointment tomorrow, and I will try to be better about posting!

Stay safe.

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