Keeping My Brain Occupied

Song: “A Little Respect” by Erasure

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Pack

Blugh… I just looked at the clock and it’s already midnight. Guess this’ll be a short post.

I’m afraid to say anything, but things aren’t too shabby. No nightmares for a little while now, I’ve only been worrying about things three or four times a night, and I’ve only had to get up to check in on things a handful of times. I’ve also been quite busy the last couple of days, doing a lot of thinking and actually getting some things done.

Okay, I just wrote five paragraphs about a print that failed yesterday and my attempt today. In the interest of not boring everyone and trying to avoid getting carpal tunnel (I was only about halfway through the story), I decided to replace it with this helpful bullet list:

  • Mark start print
  • Print take much time
  • Mark check back nine hours later
  • Mark take two hour taking printer apart and chipping, tweezing, snipping, brushing plastic away
  • Mark check Internet for help. Internet NO MAKE UP ITS MIND. Mark give up on Internet and steps out on his own
  • Mark find and change settings he never seen before and not know how work
  • Mark try print again next morning. Mark sit by print all 11 hours just in case.
  • Mark watch old episode of Captain… CAAAAEEEVVVEEE MAAAEEEAAAEEEAAAEEEAANNNN!!!
  • Print work perfect. Mark no understand. No glob, no web, no nest, no hair, nothing. Maybe Mark lucky. Maybe Mark genius! Maybe printer lonely and want Mark nearby.
  • Unga bunga

One of the nice things about working in the basement with the printer and some music on is that it drowns out a lot of the indoor and outdoor sound that I’d normally hear and couldn’t figure out. So, ghosts weren’t too bad today, which was a nice treat.

Being downstairs gave me some time to get a bunch of other things done that I’ve been waiting for, and I have some appointments tomorrow that I need to get some things ready for.

Tomorrow will be a good day – J has the day off and I am eager to talk to Dr H about test results and things like my arm/hand and get back home, although depending on how things go, J and I may stop at a store for a few minutes. Don’t know which one, don’t really have anything to buy, I should just get out of the house more, especially with this wonderful weather.

Stay safe.

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