Keeping Busy Around The House

Song: “Inactive” by ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 3

I didn’t sleep all that well again last night but I’m getting by. I almost dozed off during my mindfulness exercises this morning but I startled myself awake by snoring.

The ERP work with the keys and bathroom fan is still going well, and I am looking forward to working on new triggers. So far it’s been a lot easier this time around. The only thing I’m worried about is how being more comfortable with things inside the house will translate to when I’m out of the house. I can do all the ERP at home I want, but if I can’t get out of the house without being miserable it will be a problem.

I was pretty busy today and spent very little time on the computer. I did some laundry, tidied up the kitchen a bit, and made supper. I really don’t like raw meat – especially chicken. For whatever reason it just grosses me right out and I won’t touch it with my bare hands. Today – for the first time in years – I made chicken for supper. I was very careful to dump it out of the container without touching it into a ziploc bag to season it. Once I was done squishing it around in the bag (blurgh), it went right into the baking dish with some parchment paper and into the oven. Didn’t touch it once, although felt pretty gross through the ziploc bag. Turned out okay, I think. Neither of us are sick, so I’ll call it a success.

I enjoy cooking as long as it’s pretty simple stuff. I can’t handle more than one or two pots or pans going at the same time because it stresses me out, and when it comes to cooking meat I usually ask J if she can confirm that it’s cooked. We have thermometers but for whatever reason I always worry that I’ve undercooked things. I’m not too worried about hamburger because it’s pretty easy to tell when it’s cooked thoroughly (and it’s too small to stick a thermometer into anyway).

Tomorrow I have an appointment with Dr P. J is coming to pick me up (bless you!) but I’m really not looking forward to going. It’s nothing about Dr P, I just really don’t want to go out. I’m tempted to ask him if he does sessions over the telephone but I have a feeling that J wouldn’t be too impressed if I did that.

Today has been a pretty decent day. It felt good to keep busy and get some things accomplished around the house.

Stay safe.

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