It’s Going To Be A Good Week

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Ghosts: Several

Just a quick post – it’s already pretty late.

I had nightmares (tent) last night for the first time in a while. Not great but hopefully it’ll be a while before I have them again.

This weekend has been decent. J and I ran out of The Good Place, so we’ve now moved onto Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sherlock. I’ve also been watching the new Lost In Space. I’m not sure where I sit on it so far – parts of it are really great, while others are… not. But it’s still new and every show takes a while to get traction. Right now I’d put it below the original but waaay above the 1998 movie.

I ran out of glue sticks for the printer on Thursday, but J was nice enough to pick one up to tide me over until the order arrived (thank you!!!). The order got here on Sunday and I now have 15 glue sticks, plus the one I’m already using. That should keep me going for six months or so. While I didn’t have any glue I took the opportunity to clean everything again, including giving the bed glass a good wash. The very first print I tried after J picked up the glue stick worked like a charm.

I made a conscious effort to try and get through the weekend without thinking about that stuff that’s been really bothering me. I made it to this evening, which I guess is okay but thinking about it makes me feel very uncomfortable and angry. Dr C and I worked out a plan during my last appointment and J is on board; it should all be done and over with this week. I really, really hope I can let it go after it’s all done.

Here’s the best news – J has this week off! I am very much looking forward to hanging out with her, watching TV, talking about all kinds of stuff, figuring out how to organize the drawers in the bathroom, making meals together, trying to figure out what the rabbits in the yard are thinking… all kinds of stuff. Just being in the same room with her makes me feel better.

Well, I should probably end this here. Have a good week everyone!

Stay safe.

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