It’s Friday Again

Song: Theme from Knight Rider, by Stu Phillips

Mood: 8

Nightmares: 0

Today has been another good day. I think I can finally say for sure that I’m out of that rut I was stuck in, and it feels great!

I slept pretty well again last night. I’ve been having very few nightmares and very few bad dreams for the last few days, which makes getting up in the morning a lot easier.

This morning after I had breakfast I did my mindfulness and worry exercises and then did some work cleaning up the kitchen. Our kitchen has a very strange layout, with very little contiguous countertop space to work in so it gets messy really easily.

This afternoon, FA stopped by and we had a short but good visit. We didn’t have time to go to the hardware store but it was great to see her again and we laughed a lot.

After FA left, I headed off to the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions. I tried to balance everything out so they all expire at about the same time but I don’t think the pharmacy gave me the right numbers of each medication. Hopefully it’ll be close at least.

After I got home I listened to a couple of records and then had supper.

I had a headache that got worse throughout the day until I finally gave in and took a Tylenol. It kicked in half an hour later and I could feel the headache evaporate like fog on a sunny day.

Since J isn’t home this weekend, I’m going to break out my cheesy ’80s TV shows. Tonight is a Knight Rider marathon:

Fortunately, I’m in the right frame of mind to remember how much I enjoyed this stuff when I was a kid and, 35 years later, enjoy it again. I don’t care what anyone says – I think that old Trans-Am still looks sharp. One thing I don’t understand about the show (and I didn’t understand it when I was a kid) is why they use a bajillion dollar supercar to bust motorcycle gangs and local thugs in small towns. The A-Team did the same thing. It’s like Superman ignoring a giant robot invasion to chase purse snatchers and graffiti artists.

Oh, it feels good to be back on my feet again. I keep saying that but it’s really true. I know there will be more downs, but after each of them will be another up.

Have a good weekend!

Stay safe.

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