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Ghosts: Horde


I’m sorry I haven’t posted much lately – even though it’s the holidays, I think I’ve been a little more busy than usual, and by the time I realize that I should sit down and write something, it’s already way past my bedtime.

J and I had a quiet but good Christmas. We stayed at home, hung out, and ate way too much ham and slow-cooked scalloped potatoes (hoo boy were they ever good). We missed hanging out with everyone but we had a good time. J had to work this past week but now has a four-day weekend, which is great!

Since my last daily post on the 21st, I think I’ve only had nightmares one night. I’m still waking up quite a bit but it hasn’t been too bad and for the most part I don’t feel like a zombie during the day. I do have to be careful about getting too comfortable on the couch, though, because I can nod off a bit if I’m not careful.

I have been having a lot of trouble chasing ghosts, though, and yesterday was pretty bad. The weather dropped 15 degrees and we got some wind, so the house was making all kinds of sounds, which was… difficult. I’m still not used to the sounds that vehicles make while they drive by (I know that sounds silly but consider how well snow muffles sound and the noise it makes while rubber tires squeak through it), and there have been big trucks parked outside, idling loudly for long periods of time.

J and I are very fortunate to have pretty good neighbours, but for whatever reason, one of them has a car that, when pulling into their driveway, sounds like it’s dragging old steel barrels filled with angry furbys and pot lids. It never sounds quite the same and always catches me by surprise, and I can neither identify the sound nor figure out where it’s coming from. I scramble around the house, making sure everything is okay whilst trying to not be one of “those people” who stand and stare out a window for hours like a cat.

A little while ago I added Ghosts to my daily summary. I originally though I’d go with a scale that went from none to terrible, but decided a few days ago to do something different. If you played computer games back in the 90s, you may recognize the following scale:

  • None
  • Few
  • Several
  • Pack
  • Lots
  • Horde
  • Throng
  • Swarm
  • Zounds
  • Legion

It’s a little arbitrary but I think it works pretty well to give an idea of what’s going on.

I haven’t been back out driving the truck since the 19th but I’ve been outside for extended times clearing snow from the driveway. I reinstalled the heated seat liner a few days ago but haven’t given it a try yet this year. It’s really nice to have on those nasty cold days.

I’ve been running the 3D printer pretty much full time during the day (and sometimes during the night). Both J and I have found tons of designs on the Internet and the more things I think about, the more possibilities open up for things to try to make. I’ve been playing with a few different software design tools and have been slowly getting to the point where I can design something that may actually be useful. Right now, the printer is attempting to cough out a nice hardy vent cover for the furnace vent at the front door. We keep buying new ones and they keep getting cracked. In addition to making one being cheaper than buying one (by more than half), it should last a lot longer, and it was interesting and fun to design.

I’ve made some useful things from designs I’ve found:

Fold-up Knife

A fold-up, locking utility knife that works quite well. [1]

Homemade Spirograph!

I couldn’t believe I found a 41-piece hypotrochoid set! I had a Spirograph when I was a kit, it was great! I think I’m going to make one of these for my nephews. [2]

I also discovered that you can make lithophanes with a printer:

Guinea pig lithophane

Here’s the first litho attempt – one of our guinea pigs, lit from the front…


Guinea pig lithophane

…and lit from behind.

When I held it up to the light, it BLEW MY MIND. I think I’m going to make some of these for my nephews.

I also made a little bowl holder for J’s aunt’s new cat. It doesn’t look like much, but I fought with it for two days before I finally got it to where I was happy with it:

Cat bowl

She should be coming by today to pick it up. I hope it works and that she (and her cat) like it!

I’ve also been doing more sewing. I made another three bags out of the leftover curtain material (which I think may have worked better than the denim), and I made my first clothing repair! One of my new sweaters had a flaw or a run in the fleece and I decided to try and fix it. Here’s the flaw:

Bunnyhug fabric flawAnd here’s the fix:

Bunnyhug Flaw FixedI think it turned out pretty well. I’m no longer worried that it’s going to pull apart, that’s for sure!

I’m planning on getting back into the towels over the next couple of days. I have a walking foot to install on the machine that should make it a lot easier to move over all the little cotton loops that keep wanting to get snagged on the regular sewing foot.

J and I finished watching the sixth season of Elementary a few days ago. It was miles better than the last season or two and we both really enjoyed it. I heard there is a seventh season coming and then that’ll be it. I’m a little bummed out that it’s been cancelled but seven years is a pretty good run and the shows are definitely rewatchable. We have since switched to Corner Gas, a cute little Canadian show that first ran a little over a decade ago.

So… that’s about where everything is at. I know I’ve forgotten a lot of things – with the way time is working for me these days, everything blends together and I can’t keep track of stuff unless I write it down.

One last thing… I can already tell that the days are getting longer, and it’s wonderful!

Stay safe.

[1] Model downloaded from:

[2] Model downloaded from:

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