It’s Been A Good Day

Song: Theme from Knight Rider, by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson

Mood: 6.5

I woke up twice last night from nightmares but was able to get back to sleep. The second one was particularly bad but fortunately I was able to calm down and relax without needing any medication.

This morning I drove to the clinic to get my blood drawn for a test. Not a big deal, and it seems that getting there at about 11AM is much better than arriving when they open – I was in and out in less than half an hour. After I got out I drove around for a little while before heading home. I must admit, even though it’s much more dangerous, I think I’m more comfortable riding the motorcycle than I am driving the truck. I’m not sure why – it’s just a feeling in my stomach.

Some packages arrived, too. A new battery for my netbook, a phone holder for the truck, and the triops have arrived! I did a bit more reading and realized that it would probably be a bad idea to have both the shrimp and the triops in the same tank so this evening J and I moved the shrimp into the main aquarium. Probably a good thing, too – there’s more algae in there right now than the shrimp there could eat, so adding two more will probably be a good thing.

I think I’m going to start the triops tomorrow morning. It’ll be a good little project to set everything up. Keep me busy for a while.

J took me to my Dr W appointment this afternoon and it went quite well. We arrived pretty early so we each bought a drink and had a good chat in the cafeteria before going to Dr W’s office. The appointment was fine – Dr W told me to stop thinking and worrying about work. He is on the same page as pretty much everyone I’ve talked to about this stuff – I can not return to my old job. I just can’t do it. I don’t even think I can return to the same building. I don’t know how far away I am from working again, but I hope it’s not too long.

This evening, J and I had a really good chicken Caesar salad for supper. Normally I’m not big on salads (although my mother-in-law makes really good ones) but J and I are trying to fit more of them into our dinner rotation. Healthy body, healthy mind, right?

Stay safe!

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