It Was A Good Weekend

Song: “Manic Monday” by the Bangles

Mood: 7.5

This has been a pretty good weekend. Friday, we hung out and went for dinner with FA and DM and it was a really good time.

Saturday went quite well too. I spent a lot of time thinking about work and what I need to do. I still feel like I’m spinning my wheels but I was able to stay relaxed and didn’t get too stressed out about it like I usually do.

I also spent a bit of time working on the homework that Dr P gave me. It’s interesting – he gave me a handout with different ways to do Cognitive Defusion. Some of them I can tell right away won’t work for me – they feel far too artificial or cheesy, while others seem to fit me a little better I think.

Sunday was another good day. I spent a lot of time working on CD, trying out some of the more promising methods and I think I have at least three that don’t strike me as being silly. I also spent more time thinking about work. It wasn’t too bad but I wish I could go for a couple of days without slogging through the same questions and problems that I don’t have a solution for yet.

In addition to work, I also spent some time worrying about the healthcare changes that are going on around here. J has been keeping an eye on the news – there are triggers for me in the news so I avoid it – and has been keeping me updated on how the healthcare things are changing. In some ways it seems good but even the best plans require change.

This evening, my mother-in-law came over for dinner and to visit for a while. It was very nice to see her again, and J made a really good pasta and meat sauce meal with stew beef that sat and simmered all afternoon. It was great to catch up and have a good chat.

I think that I’m going to try and increase my physical exercise effort a bit this week. We have a decent treadmill in the basement and I’ve been using it but I don’t think I’ve been pushing myself enough. Dr W says that any exercise that gets my heart pumping is very good for my recovery and mood, and I have everything at home that I need to do that.

Stay safe.

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