It Only Took Seven Times

Song: N/A

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

Ghosts: Pack

Quick post, so it’s time for… BULLET POINTS!

  • No nightmares last night and I only remember waking up twice, neither of which got me out of bed.
  • I was pretty busy today and managed to focus on things a little better. It’s a lot more rewarding when a day goes by and I can see that I made some progress on things.
  • Speaking of progress, I struggled today with finding a thread that would fit the base of that antenna. Turns out the thread gauge I bought recently has metric and Whitworth sizes in it, and neither of them match the antenna. So I went and printed my own threads one at a time until I figured it out. Version 7 did the trick.
  • I left the SDR running last night and recorded what happens with the bus drivers in the morning. Turns out most of them call in first thing because their bus has damage that wasn’t listed on the sheet, while some of them call in because their bus won’t, you know… work.
  • Didn’t go for my walk today but I spent a lot of time running around inside and out, downstairs and up.
  • Got an appointment to see a cardiologist. They advised me to trim or shave anywhere they’re going to stick an electrode. Based on previous experience, I will definitely take that advice.
  • Looks like one of the shrimp in the main fish tank kicked the bucket. It’s hard to tell – looks kind of like a tiny piece of lobster meat that’s been gnawed on from both ends. The other two shrimp I could find looked kind of guilty.
  • Tomorrow’s Friday. I don’t know where the week went…

Stay safe.

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