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Friday and Saturday felt like Friday and Saturday, but today feels like Thursday and I have no idea why. We’re supposed to be getting a lot of snow tonight – some has fallen already but it should continue for a while. Looks like I’ll be running the snowblower again tomorrow, I’m glad J and I went to fill up the gas can last week!

I can’t believe it’s 2019. I haven’t written any dates wrong yet but I don’t think I’ll be out of the woods with that until, oh… March.

The weekend went reasonably well. I didn’t sleep too badly – no nightmares for a little while now, and I didn’t even wake up too many times last night.

My appointment on Friday with Dr C went better than I was expecting. It had been a while since my last appointment and I was worried that it was going to be even harder to go and pay attention but fortunately things were about the same as they were before the holidays. Oh, and I gave her the phrenology bust. I think she liked it but she may have just been professional about it. Either way, I told her that she was welcome to bin it or whatever she wanted to do with it – I enjoyed making it so whatever she wanted was fine. Oh, and here’s how it turned out:

Phrenology Bust


Unfortunately, my hands aren’t quite as steady as they used to be so some of the lines are a little more ragged than I had hoped but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with it.

Oh, and if you’re a particular age and from a particular region, you may remember the “Spirograph” toy from your childhood. We had one and my sister and I used it until we’d lost most of the parts. I found a 41-piece set to print on Thingiverse and started printing today. It’s going to take a couple of runs because I can’t fit all 41 pieces on at once but that’s okay. I was wondering if I should change filament spools before I started it but the printer has a filament-out sensor and (hopefully) wouldn’t just keep going, adding layers of hot air instead of plastic. Well, it finished before the filament ran out, but I don’t think I’m going to start any new projects with what’s left on the spool:

3D Printer Out Of FilamentI’ve really been enjoying making stuff and figuring out how to make stuff.

On a somewhat less fun note, I found out a little while ago that someone I know did some bad stuff a couple of years ago. The rumour is that he’s hiding somewhere (I have no idea where) and laying low. I have been thinking about this pretty constantly since the weekend, wondering if there’s something I can do or if I should just stay out of it. I know staying out of it is probably the smart choice, but one of the themes that keep coming up with me is that I want to be a good person. Good people do good things, right? And wouldn’t a good thing be to figure out where that dirtbag is and report him to the police? Maybe the police already know where he is, or are already looking for him. Maybe they’re not aware of what he did (it happened in another country). But maybe I should just try to rein this stuff in and stop thinking about it – I have neither the resources of Bruce Wayne nor the detective smarts of Batman, and there’s no guarantee that I wouldn’t end up getting myself into trouble. Actually, with my luck, that’s probably exactly what would happen. But this is bothering me.

Argh… now that I’ve written that down, I’m agonizing over whether to erase it or not. Ctrl-Z and Ctrl-Y are getting a bit of a workout.

Screw it, I’m leaving it. It’s what’s on my mind, and I write these to talk about what’s on my mind.

J made some truly remarkable steaks for supper this evening. She always makes great steak (she does it in a Dutch oven!) but tonight’s were fantastic. I kept wanting to close my eyes and just savour the textures and flavours. We had them with basmati rice which, at first glance may sound strange, but when the juice from the bottom of the Dutch oven was poured over it… if there had been enough, I would’ve happily eaten myself sick. Delicious.

So now we wait and see how much snow we end up actually getting. At least it’s not supposed to be too cold tomorrow.

Stay safe.

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