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I didn’t sleep very well last night. Woke up quite a few times worrying about something, and a couple of times it was less worrying and more panicking. Fortunately, I was eventually able to get back to sleep (even though it took a while some of the times).

I’m happy to report that in the aftermath of my adventure last week, things seem to be healing up quite well. I’m in very little discomfort compared to a week ago, and while I get the occasional zap of discomfort, I only have to be careful about how I sit down, get up, and move around. I’m pretty happy about that.

I’m also feeling a lot closer to normal now that I’m back on my regular medication schedule. I still feel a little weird during the day but that could be any number of things. I’m still surprised at how hard it was to miss the venlafaxine and prazosin for two days. I’d better make sure I never forget to call the pharmacy for a refill…

My exercises didn’t go as well today as I’d hoped. I was too tired and couldn’t maintain focus on what I was doing. I ended up giving up after about an hour had passed. That’s okay, though – not every day can be perfect. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight and things will go better tomorrow.

I spent a lot of time today writing. I’m almost comfortable with those articles I’ve been working on, and I just need to get some more pictures and do a bit more writing and I think that blurb about cells I’m writing for my nephews should be done. I also worked on a template that I think might be handy for some people who are going to their doctor.

I didn’t get out for my walk but I made sure I (slowly) got up and shuffled around the house a couple of times an hour to make sure the blood was still flowing. Getting another pulmonary embolism now would be exceedingly uncool.

I’ve got two appointments on Wednesday – one with Dr H and one with Dr W. I made the Dr H one back when I thought I could wait another week to deal with that infection. I was tempted to cancel it but one of the doctors at the hospital recommended that I keep it so I can get prodded and poked again to see if it looks like it’s healing properly and isn’t infected. Oh, goody.

I know I’ve got stuff going on tomorrow but I’m too tired to remember right now. Hopefully it’s nothing important, or at least it’s stuff I can deal with without needing to comb my hair.

Stay safe.

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