I’m Sad The Weekend’s Over

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As with most weekends, this one went by far too quickly. I spent a lot of time thinking. I also did some laundry – I’ve been bad about it lately (and by lately, I mean the last year or so) and J’s been picking up my slack but it’s about time the Laundry King made a return.

Saturday evening, J and I watched Deadpool 2. It was pretty good. Lots of swearing, lots of people getting various parts chopped off, but the feel of the first movie was still there. I know you can’t just repeat the same gags movie after movie but I would’ve enjoyed another Zamboni chase.

I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the stuff Dr C and I talked about on Thursday. She suggested that I pick something to try and give it a shot for a couple of days to see how it goes. I’m also still thinking about what she said about my morning exercises. I decided to not do my exercises for a week or until I can’t stand not doing them anymore. If I get to the point where I can’t stand it, then I know that I’m using them to feed the OCD and that’s not good. If I feel like I’m just a bit out of sorts because I didn’t do them, then I think they’re a help and that’s good. I’m two days in and so far I just feel like my day’s not quite right.

I also decided that this week I will start the truck. To do that, I need to get a new battery. I also need to get a tender to keep said battery charged. I’ve got a little one that I use for the motorcycle battery but it’s not big enough to reliably maintain a battery when there are electronics hooked up to it and drawing current from it at the same time. SO… I need to get things in order and do this. The truck has sat for far too long. I would like to back it out onto the driveway and wash it. Maybe drive it around the block. Who knows.

I am also going to try and focus on the stuff I’m building for DA and stop both scope creep and thinking of other, more complicated ideas. I am going to get it done this week. Once that’s done, if I’m still in the mood, I’ll play around with other ideas.

So that’s my plan. Oh, and there’s probably going to be a lot more laundry in there somewhere, too.

Stay safe.

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