If Sleep Is So Important, Why Is It So Finicky?

So I went to bed early again to try to catch up on more sleep. I had a little trouble getting to sleep but after a while I finally dozed off. Then I woke up and had to get out of bed to make sure the back gate was closed again. Then I woke up from a nightmare (tent), and then a second one (tent). Is there a way to hypnotize yourself to have different nightmares? Waking up ready to freak out after the same three nightmares for three and a half years is getting really, really old.

So now, I’m wide awake and I have very little inclination to go back to sleep. I have a funny feeling that I’ve now gone and messed up my sleep cycle (such as it was), and that worries me a bit because I don’t do well on very little sleep.

On a somewhat related note, FA showed me quite a while ago how to set the blue light filter on my Galaxy S7: swipe down twice and tap the “Blue Light Filter” icon. I don’t know if it makes much difference for how well I sleep, but I’ve read a couple of articles that say that the wavelength of the blue light that comes off certain kinds of displays can – over time – be harmful to human eyes, and I’m a big fan of my eyes. Anyway, I just discovered a similar setting in Windows 10. I don’t know if it’s always been there, but go into Settings and then search for “night light”. I find a value of around 60 makes the screen much more comfortable.

Stay safe.

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