I Wish The Weekend Wasn’t Over

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This weekend went by far too quickly. I wish there was one more day to hang out with J all day, one more day to sit back and take it easy.

Friday was interesting. I sent out my regular texts and ended up having a very in-depth conversation with a good friend who used to be my boss at work. We talked about life, family, all kinds of things. One of her daughters is a published poet, so I took a look at some of her work. I fancy myself a poetry expert because we did poetry for about a month in my Representative English Literature class at the university back in 2011. Anyway, her stuff is deep and kind of haunting. Raw, visceral stuff, some of which have subject matters that are very difficult for me to wade through.

Another one of her daughters is having some anxiety issues, so we talked about that a bit, too. My friend feels helpless about what her daughter is going through, so I shared a bit about what’s going on with me and told her that if she had any questions or wanted to talk I was happy to help. I hope that her daughter makes progress in her recovery, and I hope my friend knows how much she’s helping just by being there.

Saturday was nasty. Up around 34C and humid. The only saving grace was wind that got stronger throughout the day. I am proud about something, though – I was craving a snack Saturday evening. So much so that I was willing to go out in the heat and walk to the grocery store. J offered to come along and I took her up on her offer because everything is easier with her around. Unfortunately, the grocery store was closed by the time we got there, but there’s a corner store in the same mini-mall so we went there and picked up a few things. Diet Cherry Pepsi is pretty tasty. Reminds me of Dr Pepper.

I wrote earlier today about that weird dream I had last night. What puzzles me the most about the whole thing isn’t the syringes, or the tetanus, or the hair, or the box full of bench vises in the bank vault… no, what bothers me the most is this:

Why Hartford?

As a general rule, I don’t dream about sports teams or their logos, so what wires in my brain got crossed to make me dream quite vividly about someone wearing a hockey jersey for a team that hasn’t existed for 20 years, and who I wasn’t a fan of when they were around? Is this something I should mention to Dr P? Or is it something I should bury and never talk about again? Is it some sort of cosmic foreshadowing? Am I destined to become a farrier? Or someone working in a shady storefront, hawking counterfeit sports merchandise?

I’ve probably already put far too much thought into this.

Today was a pretty quiet day. I haven’t made fruit smoothies for breakfast for a long time now, but our kitchen supplies dictated that we weren’t going to have cereal for breakfast. Or yogurt. Or bagels. Or toast. But the fruit smoothies turned out pretty well – we both enjoyed them – so I think I will try to fit them in more often.

The gross stickiness of yesterday was gone today, and it was actually not too bad out. J went out and got some groceries, and I shopped for groceries online. One of the stores near here lets you submit orders in advance and they’ll have them ready at a specific time to go and pick up. I like doing that because even though J does the legwork and picks everything up, I feel like I’ve contributed a bit by wading through 200 items that match the word “carrot” and spending time trying to figure out how to get the best deals and least horrible ingredients.

J ordered Schitt’s Creek and we’ve been watching it for the last couple of days. I think we’re around six episodes in. I know every new show has to find its footing, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s something I’m missing. I can only think of one and a half characters that are vaguely likeable, and while the “fish out of water” trope is tried and true, I just… I don’t know. The show has great ratings everywhere I look, so people really like it. I’ll give it five or six more episodes and see where it goes. Like I said, maybe I’m missing something.

This week I want to spend more time writing. I would like to try to get up the motivation and courage to submit another article to The Mighty. I didn’t realize that the other one I did was almost exactly a year ago. I also have some homework to do for my Dr P appointment, and I have a Dr W appointment this week too.

But I really wish there was one more day before Monday.

Stay safe.

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