I Really Don’t Handle Change That Well

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No nightmares last night and I didn’t wake up too many times, so that was good.

Once I heaved myself out of bed, I hung out with J and my mother-in-law. Last night, I hemmed the sides and tops of the curtains, while today, the three of us figured out the best way to hang them so I could take measurements and finish them off. They look pretty good:

Homemade Curtain

I Sewed This!

It was great to see my mother-in-law again, she is very patient about my crappy sewing and I hope she gets the chance to come by again soon.

My Dr W appointment did not go well today at all. There’s some reshuffling of staff going on and Dr W was slated to move to one of four other hospitals. J and I were only really comfortable with one of them (we know how to get to it, lots of the nurses that make the framework I trust is there), and for the last couple of months, Dr W has said he’s going to that one hospital.

Today, he said he is now slated to go to one that’s downtown, where J and I don’t know the facility at all, and where I don’t know anyone. I was probably a lot more shocked than I should’ve been. I went into the ward to say hello to the nurses on staff (Cassie and Katie, both of whom took very good care of me many times) and it turns out that they’re moving too, and they’re going to two different hospitals, neither of which is the one Dr W is going to.

Once we got into the car to go home, the gravity of what’s going to happen hit me hard and I became very upset. J helped me with a lot of it but I’m still having a lot of trouble processing this right now. I’m upset, I’m sad, I’m scared, I’m worried, I’m frustrated… all kinds of emotions right now, very few of which are good. I have never handled change very well – even way back when I was a kid. It seems the older I get, the harder it is for me to accept or adjust to when things change.

Stay safe.

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