I Need To Start These Earlier

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I should know better than this. I take my evening medication at 8PM so I’m ready to go to bed at 10. So why am I starting this post at 10:48?

Because I’m not smart and seem to be incapable of learning things.

I’m very tired again today, I’m still waking up too much and taking too long to get back to sleep. I’m still not able to get back to sleep if I wake up any later than around 5:00-5:30AM or so. I dropped my phone a couple of times today (fortunately just into my lap or onto the table) because I closed my eyes while I was texting and started falling asleep almost immediately. In a way, I am very glad I’m not driving right now.

I went for my walk early again this morning and it was nice and chilly out – just the kind of weather to chase a light sweat away. I still didn’t want to do it, but it’s a lot easier to do it when it’s not -38C and windy or +38C and humid. Plus, I just want to get it over with so I can get back home.

Oddly enough, I still haven’t seen more than a few mosquitoes so far this summer. With luck, the city won’t need to spray. I have no particular problem with spraying for mosquitoes, but I just wish it didn’t kill the dragonflies or bees. Oh, and I do like it if it kills some wasps, but I expect that in the middle of the night they’re all back at their nest. Figures…

Same problem again with my exercises today. I’m too tired to hold my concentration on anything and my mind wanders pretty badly. I gave up and just closed my eyes and leaned back, hoping to catch a nap, but no luck. I kept getting closer and closer to falling asleep… closer and closer, and then BAMP – I’d be awake again. It’s annoying.

Sent out texts again and the video I attached today seemed to have gone over well. Had a very good text chat with J’s aunt. She retired quite recently and we have lots of conversations about all kinds of stuff some days. I hope I don’t bore her…

My mom called this morning and we had a short but good chat. She’s doing well but wishes it was a little warmer out. It sounds like my uncle with ALS has lost a lot of the use of his fingers, hands, and arms, but he’s still in good spirits. I can’t imagine what he’s going through.

I spent some time today looking for more pictures and videos to stock up on for texts. Found enough for a couple of weeks’ worth, converted them from GIF files to MP4 and they all look good. A couple of them make me laugh, so hopefully they’re good.

J is going to be heading out of town in August for a business trip. She’ll be gone most of the week so I’ll be batchin’ it for a while. The good news is that I have proven that I can go to the local grocery store, so I can pick up supplies if needed. They always seem to have a sale on hams – maybe I’ll go pick up seven or eight little hams, a large bottle of maraschino cherries, and a can or two of that spray whipped cream. That should last me the better part of the week. Oh, and a bottle of diet Pepsi. You can’t eat ham with a glass of water.

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “I Need To Start These Earlier

  1. Ahhm. Ham, maraschino cherries and whipped cream. That sounds like an interesting diet. You might want to document that somewhere on your fridge so when the paramedics need to figure out what happened to you they have a clue. 🙂
    Maybe stick to skip?

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