I Need To Start Posting Earlier

Song: “I Think I Love You” by The Partridge Family

Mood: 6

Nightmares: 2+

Not a big surprise, but I didn’t sleep very well last night. Nightmares got me out of bed a couple of times, and I woke up a few times besides that, too. It’s really starting to catch up with me now – after I had breakfast I sat down on the chesterfield with the intent to check my phone quickly and then get on with my day. The next time I opened my eyes it was about 45 minutes later and that little hangy-down thing at the back of my throat was sore. I must’ve been snoring like crazy.

I guess that on balance it’s a good thing that a nap snuck up on me, but I wish I could either sleep well or be able to reliably take naps. Usually I have no luck taking a nap during the day – I can feel myself bouncing between being awake and almost falling asleep. It’s relaxing but frustrating at the same time.

My exercises went pretty well today, which was a nice change. I had to get up and chase a few ghosts, but for the most part I was able to pay attention to what I was doing. It sounds silly but it makes a considerable difference in my day when my exercises go well. Very big difference.

It was pretty hot out again today, but a light storm came through the area and the temperature dropped by about ten degrees in an hour. It was weird, but I certainly wasn’t complaining about the lower temperatures.

FA saw my post from earlier today and showed me how to set up RSS feeds on my computer (thanks, FA!). She suggested them mainly to avoid adverts, but I have been trying to limit my exposure to the bad news that seems to be everywhere and this looks like it’ll be an easy way to do that. I’ve set up a couple of sites in the reader and so far it looks great!

I did a fair amount of texting again today. It feels good to take the time to write everyone an individual text instead of just copying and pasting – it seems more like a conversation then. Some days I get no replies, some days I get tons. Either way is fine, I just like to say hi to everybody.

My Star Trek career is going pretty well. The USS Pinkeye is blowing up Klingon and Romulan ships all over the place. Yes, the Pinkeye is a sturdy ship with a good crew.

Like I said in the title, I need to start posting earlier. I’m fighting to keep my eyes open right now, and I can’t get much better than a foggy blur when I focus on the screen. Since I haven’t been sleeping well for a while now, my evening medications knock the heck out of me when they kick in. Some days it’s even difficult climbing the stairs to go to bed. So I think that – at least until I’m sleeping better – I’m going to have to change my schedule around a bit and post earlier in the evening.

On that note, I’m going to end this post. There are more things that I wanted to discuss but I need to get to bed. I hope you all have a good weekend.

Stay safe.

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