I Hope This Goes Well

Song: “Fraggle Rock Theme” by Jim Henson, Jerry Juhl, and Jocelyn Stevenson

Mood: 7

Nightmares: 0

No nightmares last night and waking up fewer times than usual made for a decent sleep. It still took a while for me to get my brain working but after the normal morning haze left I didn’t feel too bad at all.

It has been dark and gloomy almost every day since autumn arrived but this morning there was some blue sky and sun for a while so I got out for my walk before it got grey and dreary again. The sun felt nice but it was very good to be back in the yard again.

Once I got home, I went into the garage and did my homework, which included me backing the truck out of the garage but not down the entire driveway and sitting in it for about 50 minutes before putting it back into the garage. I’m hesitant to back it all the way down the driveway, partly because I’m a little worried about my aim, but mostly because I don’t want to be sitting there for an hour while the neighbours try to figure out why I’m acting all creepy. But… I did get out of the garage (and back in) and nothing horrible happened.

I hate knowing that the garage door was opened. It bothered me quite a bit today and I spent far too much time peeking out the kitchen window in addition to all of the other ghosts I chased today. My usual trick of taking a picture didn’t seem to help very much. I’m also worried that one of the rabbits that frequents the yard scurried into the garage when I didn’t see it and the poor thing is going to starve to death or gnaw through wiring or hoses.

The local charities were on my mind quite a bit again today. Some more research showed how naive I am about this stuff – there are a lot more out there than I thought there were. It’s wonderful that they are there but at the same time it’s too bad that they’re needed, and in a lot of cases the demand for their services outstrips what’s available.

The big news today, though, was that J stopped at the store on the way home and picked up that sewing machine that we had been talking about and some supplies to get started (thank you!!!). We unboxed it this evening and took a quick look – I was tempted to fire it up but I want to wait until tomorrow during the day when there’s plenty of light for when I try to figure out how to thread it the first time. I expect that things will be quite frustrating the first little while until I get used to how everything works but I’ve got some nice dyed leather and some buttons (no way am I going to start out with zippers) and I’m looking forward to turning it all into a fine jacket.

Bahahaha! Just kidding – I have some ruined pants, old towels, and other rags that I’m going to cut up and I’ll be happy when I successfully attach two pieces together without accidentally sewing myself to them. J bought some felt but it’s far too nice to use until I at least have a clue about what I’m doing.

J and I watched some more Parks and Recreation this evening. We’re into the sixth season now and things are starting to change – looks like some of the cast will be leaving, they had the often-seen “we’re not sure how much longer we’re going to be on so let’s blow the budget on a vacation/trip/quest episode after we agree on where we all want to visit” episode, things are getting predictable, and the feel of the show has changed with some of the new plot lines. It’s still good, though, and we are enjoying watching it.

Tomorrow is Halloween. I am really, really not looking forward to it. I have a Dr W appointment (the scheduling of which may not have been my best idea) and then shortly after we get home the foot traffic and weird sounds will begin. J has taken charge and has everything under control but I’m still very uncomfortable about it all. Hopefully everything will go well and the lights will be off and the doors locked and everything will be quiet by 9PM. Fingers crossed.

Stay safe.

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