Here Comes The Weekend

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Today went pretty well. J had the day off so we hung out and did some stuff.

I called Dr P this morning and told him that the ERP with the stove had gone well and I wanted to try another, tougher trigger. We decided on the garage door, which has proven to be much more difficult. So far I’ve only been able to last about half an hour before I couldn’t help but check. I’ll work on it more tomorrow and see if it gets better. The freezer and oven worked out well, so there’s no reason the garage door shouldn’t.

I’m hoping that the more things I get through with the ERP, the less likely I’ll be bothered by other triggers. When I did ERP with Dr C, it helped immensely, so I expect this time around to be the same.

Something I’ve found interesting is that – even when I was in the hospital – the professionals that help me with my recovery often seem surprised that I’ve done the work that they asked me to. I don’t know if they were expecting me not to or if it’s just their way of being encouraging. Maybe it’s how they’re trained to react. I take my recovery seriously and try to do any homework as well as possible; after all, I’m the one who will reap the benefits.

Stay safe.

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