Heading Into The Weekend

Song: “Any Way You Want It” by Journey

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

I don’t think I woke up due to nightmares at all last night. I had some bad dreams but they didn’t wake me up. I can handle that. I still woke up a few times to flip over but it was so nice to not wake up scared and desperate to figure out where I am.

I listened to a lot of music today and spent a lot of time doing mindfulness exercises. I found a version of that “leaves on a stream” exercise on YouTube that I like. It’s not the same as being in a therapist’s chair but it’s still pretty relaxing.

This afternoon I spent some time doing laundry and tidying up the kitchen, and this evening J and I went out to Walmart to pick up some glue and light bulbs. The air was cold enough to see my breath and make me wish I’d worn a heavier jacket. While J and I were walking toward the store I realized that I’ve been slipping and haven’t been getting out of the house enough. Dr C told me I should get out and about once a day but it’s been quite a while since I left the house for something other than appointments. I need to get back to it.

I’m still looking forward to working on values with Dr P. My homework is to write out values (not goals) that I have in the following areas:

  • Intimate relationships,
  • Parenting (not really applicable to me but I’ll give it a shot),
  • Family relationships,
  • Social relationships,
  • Work (this is going to be a tough one),
  • Leisure,
  • Citizenship,
  • Personal growth (this is also going to be tough),
  • Health, and
  • Spirituality.

He also wants me to pretend that it’s my hundredth birthday and I’m looking back at my life. What things do I want to be able to say about myself? What things do I want other people to be able to say about me?

I’m also hoping to finish the book on ACT he lent me so I can give it back at our next session. I don’t like borrowing things from people – I’m always worried I’ll damage or lose the item.

My fish seems to be doing well. J gave me two cleaner shrimp from the main aquarium and everybody seems to be getting along. I’m glad to have the shrimp because they’ll eat the debris that falls to the bottom of the tank and will keep things tidy. I especially like it when they groom Ralph (the Marimo moss ball).

I’m not sure what J and I are going to do this weekend. We don’t have anything planned. I suppose that’s a good thing – I’m hoping to get some more laundry done this weekend and maybe spend some time in the garage. They’re calling for some rain tomorrow or possibly some snow. It’s still far too warm for any snow to stick around but it’s just another reminder of how quickly this year is going by.

Stay safe.

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