Hanging Out With J

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J wasn’t able to get to sleep for quite a while last night so we hung out and chatted while she coloured and tried to get in the right frame of mind for sleeping. It was pretty late when we finally got to sleep.

This morning, J wasn’t feeling very well so she stayed home from work. We mostly sat around and did our own things, but I wanted to make sure I was available in case she wanted a cup of tea or a blanket or a pail to barf in.

Since J was home I fit in more STO than usual. It went pretty well but after a while the late night caught up to me and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I made sure J was okay and then I climbed back into bed, set a timer for an hour, and took a nap. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep (woohoo!) for a while at least because I had no idea what the sound was when the timer sounded. I couldn’t haul myself out of bed right away so I stayed there for a little while before gathering enough oomph to get up. Fortunately, J was still doing ok.

She was feeling a little better this afternoon and some of her holds came in at the library (I suspect that hearing that things were in at the library helped her feel feel better) so she went to pick them up and brought home burgers and fries for supper. One of the holds she got was the new Jumanji movie. We treated ourselves and ate our supper in front of the TV with the movie on (we used to do that all the time but switched to eating at the table after I got out of the hospital). Jumanji was pretty good – quite a few laughs, a couple of groaners, but overall pretty good. I’d watch it again.

After that, J was wilting a bit so she decided to head to bed early. I made sure she was warm enough and then sat down to write this entry.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. A lot of it depends on how J feels and whether she goes to work or not. I wish she could feel better but not have to go to work!

Stay safe.

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