Had To Get That Off My Chest

J pointed out that my previous post reads much differently than what I usually write. I agree – usually I’m not that irked about something (although the “stupid YouTuber in Japanese forest” incident was pretty close), but for whatever reason, those Twitter messages really got my goat and I didn’t want to sit around and stew over it.

Sorry for the swearing (don’t tell my mom).

Stay safe.

2 Thoughts on “Had To Get That Off My Chest

  1. You were swearing? Don’t come to work with me (tho’ I’ve tried really hard to clean up my act in the last few months).

    • I used to work in a very “swear-y” environment… it’s pretty interesting to hear the same obscenity used as noun, verb, adverb in the same sentence, yet still be able to understand exactly what someone’s saying.

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