Had A Good Time With FA

Song: “Strutter” by KISS

Mood: 6.5

Nightmares: 0

I slept a little better last night but still not great. I was talking to my mom today and she was saying she’s having the same problem and it might be the seasons changing. I guess that could be it, but if that’s the case then there’s probably not much I can do about it, which sucks because I’m beat.

I got up this morning, had breakfast, did my exercises (didn’t go so well again), and went for my walk. It was a little cooler out today than normal and I took a different route because part of my regular path is along a walkway where peoples’ downspouts drain to and it’s all smooth, slippery ice. The different route took about the same amount of time and I didn’t notice any difference in difficulty between it and my normal route.

After I got home I tidied up the house a bit and did some reading while I was waiting for FA to arrive. I startled the parcel delivery guy by opening the door just as he walked up to the step. Apparently, that doesn’t happen to him all that often.

FA stopped in with burritos in tow. We talked and had lunch (which was delicious again) and then talked a little more before breaking out the board games. We played some Carcassone, which I think we ended up pretty much even after a few games. Then we played some Sequence, where I got utterly obliterated. We didn’t talk as much during Sequence games because we were both concentrating a lot more I think.

As always, I had a good time with FA and I really appreciate the time she takes to come out here so we can hang out. I’m very lucky to have such good friends!

After FA left I worked on the exposure with the stove again. It is noticeably more difficult when J is not here.

I talked with my mom for a little while this afternoon and it sounds like my folks are doing pretty well. Unfortunately, my uncle with the diabetes complications went for a follow-up with his doctor and they immediately checked him back into the hospital. I hope whatever it is clears up and he’s back on his feet quickly.

I’ve been clenching my jaw a lot lately, and as a result my jaw and teeth hurt. That reminds me – I’ve been called twice by the dentist office to remind me that I should go in for a cleaning and check-up. I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. My last couple of visits to the dentist have been… unpleasant. Still need that haircut, too.

For whatever reason, I’ve been trying to request songs to play on the radio. The station I listen to all day plays the same songs every day so I’ve been trying to hear something different. No luck so far – usually I don’t hear anything back but today I got a reply text saying that they don’t have what I’m asking for in their library. I’ll try for a different song again tomorrow. Maybe I’ll have to change stations.

I don’t have anything going on tomorrow but I’ve got an appointment with Dr W on Wednesday. I’m really not looking forward to it. At least I have a day to prepare.

Stay safe.

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